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Thread: Bakki shower thread continuation

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    Oyagoi kingkong's Avatar
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    You guys are missing the point. What is the best way to test the real first hand affect of turbid showering, energized, "alive" water. Take off the shoes and get under it for a live test and feel the change first hand. Yes my power was out and happened to have a 10 hp pump blasting clear water so in I went. Just standing under the shower for 2 minutes was extremely invigorating. Why is that? I still think part of the success of the Bakki is the water "shake up" phenomenon. Water with cooler tempts, higher oxygen levels, cleansed by bio-films, disturbing pond surface, rid of smell and discharge of harmful gaseous substances and on and on. What inspired the development of the Bakki? Mr. Maeda's fascination of water tumbling over rocks in a natural stream becoming "alive". If you shake up the water it becomes "alive", the fish will congregate and thrive and some times even a top model will show. LOL

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    That's right Kong. And as a frequent visitor to Japan I can tell you that every other breeder, when bringing koi in from the mudponds, floods the concrete indoor ponds with shows from stacked plastic milk crates filled with aged oyster shells. We used to see that as just a bugger system but in truth, oxygen, degassing and buffering are all at work. Without this the fish often sit on the bottom and sulk. No one is an Island and Maeda is , like the rest of us, a product of his observations and experiences. He was a hobbyist who likely frequently observed this like the rest of us.I imagine being a creative and energetic personality, he obviously took this basic observation to new heights.

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    This thread has degraded terribly... I think out of the last 10 pages, the only posts I found useful were the ones with pictures.

    Now speaking of oyster shells in milk crates in Japan, im a visual learner.....
    These milk crates have awsome small slots for keeping in the media. Wish we had that kind around here.
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    You are absolutly right king, and one of the reasons they look so good in a showered system is they want to look their best for their hot dream date! The desire to procreate is after all, quite normal and healthy! Now imagine procreating at terminal velocity, Wow what a sensation!

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    Nisai xiaohuang7's Avatar
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    Talking Excitable?

    A question to FIR proponents: has anyone tired processing their water thru a microwave to excite molecular bonds? I too have no idea how FIR affects water/waste, but you gotta think that ceramics (be they BH or other) are fairly weak emitters. If we can be theoretical for a moment (and ignore heat, electricity costs and exposure), why not a few used microwaves blasting down into a chamber? That would create a lot of molecular excitment.

    I'm trying to be serious here, and perhaps failing...


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    Quote Originally Posted by gregbickal
    This thread has degraded terribly... I think out of the last 10 pages, the only posts I found useful were the ones with pictures.

    Now speaking of oyster shells in milk crates in Japan, im a visual learner.....
    These milk crates have awsome small slots for keeping in the media. Wish we had that kind around here.
    You can use bean sprout crates...I was lucky to find some at the back of my work....

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    Orlando, Florida

    You may be trying to be serious, but I'm cracking up. LOL

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    First off, welcome to the board, Xiahuang7! Good to have you here... That's a good question, if you ask me...

    As for the 1500 ton pond... these Showers are an add on to the pond, and as such, the water that feeds them, is drawn though the pond wall, straight into a pump chamber, and up over the Showers. For the life of me, I can't figure why they clean the 1500 ton pond?! Daisuke says that it is because the pond is so big, with the drains being so far apart. They literally scrub the walls and floor, even though, to my mind, they are always clean anyway. It doesn't matter how fantastic the water is, they still drain it! As for water changes on this pond... 3 to 5% per day is the norm for most of the year.
    With the Bakki Shower, it has to be changed daily?..... Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of a so-called "maintenance free" pond?....

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    Sansai adreamer2's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
    Pittsburgh, PA
    PS: I can't believe I read through all 26 pages of this thread....

    I have looked upon other boards and may have joined a few... But, what I saw in the heaviest exchanged boards, I did not like how stupid some of the threads were.... I mean, honestly!!! Stupid conversations... Not my gig!!

    But, I was pleasantly honored to find a board that catered to my desire to know and found it here, of all places of something that I am growing to earnestly learn...... And the conversations here through these threads have been very interesting!!!.... and the stirring debates have been, till now, full of comraderie.... and worth reading through....

    Some things spoken here have been very disturbing, to say the least....

    But, I still like the board.... I have noticed names, in my short time here, that came from some of those other boards.... and they have sound distempered....

    People, this is more than a hobby..... But, why bicker over it???.....

    I was seriously hoping to hear some good and bad things about this bakki house thing..... But, I guess there will never be any concrete wisdom to share....

    Ancient Chinese Secret!!!!?????????

    Where is the Love, people!!!??????? --The love?!!!

    ((yes.. its over the top.. but damned true!))
    Alas, I have found my feat.. and am about to run!

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    Daihonmei PapaBear's Avatar
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    Davenport, Oklahoma

    Wink An easier (more user friendly) read

    A much shorter, rational, and informative thread on the topic is found here;

    One particular posting I thought interesting in that one came from Luke.
    "Just my own musings:
    Lava rock and BHM have spaces inwhich microbes and bacteria can colonize and form deep, complex, stable relationships. I think that the space within the media itself provide a significant area for the setting up of some symbiotic relationships that haven't been examined.
    I feel as though a peice of BHM or Lava rock becomes an organism unto itself, similar in cell association to jellyfish. Jelly fish have no central nervous system nor a transport system (circulatory system) yet somehow all the cells of a jellyfish share a successful kill. And the waste products created by internal cells are taken up and used by other cells or transported away as waste THROUGH OTHER CELLS.
    These bit of media may harbor cell colonies that form such alliances and are therefore solid living communities that act as complex organisms...the spaces within the media become entirely filled with biomass that filter feeds from the flowing water.
    And until i am shown how i am wrong that is what I feel is happening....the media provides the right spaces for these complex relationships to occur and remain. the entire space within and on the surface of a bit of BHM or Lava rock is a city of single cell organisms maintaining each other."

    ATTA BOY LUKE!!! Of everything I've read anywhere on the topic this is probably the most rational and reasonable. Does anyone out there think they chose the name Bacteria HOUSE by accident?
    Larry Iles

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