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Thread: Bakki shower thread continuation

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    Daihonmei aquitori's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    NorCal Biotch!!!
    Hey whatever works, works right? The key to the Bakki Shower is the Bacteria House Media...You can put whatever media you like in a Bakki Shower and it will be just a trickle tower. The Bacteria House Media is expensive and for me to cross-over to it would mean it would have to come down in price...Well anyways, if your the type of hobbyist that likes to mess with something that aint broken then I suggest people go out and try it....I have a shallow pocket so I would just wait until this thing goes fully main stream then try it....The stuff is amazing have to admit, how the Bacteria House works, can't explain....
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.

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    Oyagoi kingkong's Avatar
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    Roger's 5 Commandments
    1 Thou shall stop posting untill the cow's come home
    2 Thou shall wonder what un-friendly advise must sound like
    3 Thou shall pay more attention to thy koi and less to thy neighbor
    4 Thou shall envy thy neighbor's koi pond
    5 Thou shall not practice in saturated marketing schemes

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    Hi tewa.

    Do anyof you haev pics of growth from using BH, I would especially like to see the person with the runner ups photos if he has any. I would enjoy to see them.

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    Puerto Rico
    Here is a hilarious but true science link for you tewa, they are using pee to power batteries now. Imagine how FAR out that is?


    get this, the team who discovered it are in Singapore.....not Gitville atlanta
    Now we must harness the power of koi pee to run our pumps ......

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    Honmei KoiCop's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by RogerMoo
    Forget it, Tewa.....

    Tewa, a word of friendly advise from me... stop it; don't even bother trying to convey across the message how the BH works whether becos of other factors or FIR. People are not interested to know, neither do believers care.

    I am happy with the BH and it works for me, how it works, I don't know and I don't care... as long as my koi are growing healthyly and fast. I couldn't be bothered with what people said about my koi or the media - to me, they are good and I am pleased with their overall hi & growth quality.

    Tewa, if you would have followed all these foreign forum postings, you would have noticed something, let me spelt it out:

    1) They don't know how to appreciate a koi overall (in terms of description). They just post - "Wow! It's beautiful, I loved it" or "Wow! That's a beautiful koi". If you are to follow some of the postings in koi.com.my (previously, not now) - you would have noticed how the Asian 'disect' the koi and give it an overall appraisal, but not the Westerners. (what does it say about them?)

    2) I surfed back some posting in koiphen.com and I noticed that Stephen went on a shopping spree in Japan, bought some good koi from breeder like Nogami and others. He has a good garden pond, very elaborately set-up, so... ? I think we could do much better in Asia, with what he has done and the amount of money he spends and the quality of koi he bought. (what does it say about them?)

    3) The Westerners featured pixs of their ponds (overall) and their elaborate set-up. Yes! I am impressed with their BIG pond size and their elaborate set-up and I used to tell myself - with all those, I think I would be able to do better and grew jumbos and show winning koi, but look at what they are doing. To me, eventhough they are koi lovers, they are koi pondists - a supplementary set-up to complement their overall house or bangalow setup - a presentable and pleasing garden pond with koi supplementing their abode. Yes, I too do agree there are a few serious koi hobbyists in the west but the percentage are small. (what does it say about them?)

    4) Their recent Koi Show in US. To me, it is more of a gathering of friends who keeps koi. They are more happy to meet one another there at the show. The number of koi entries are low compared with us here. Moreover, other than the showa featured as a winning koi, others to me are 'standard' koi - nothing overwhelmingly impressive. OK, but nothing as compared from what I saw in Asia and Japan. (what does it say about them?)

    5) In our country with limited land space, we are doing much, much more better with our simple set-up. We improvise and make good with what we are have and overall, our koi are much, much more better in terms of quality.

    So Tewa, you could see for yourself within all these forum (this inclusive) - see how they post, what they post, how they talk in the forum (which gives you an overall impression what it's all about) ... and all of a sudden, in come Tewa with all the serious postings - (moreover you have been doing it in koichat, koiphen, NI and now here) - people surf, they read eventhough they don't post - so I would say, Tewa, stop posting it here again; just enjoy what you are doing in OZ, forget about the FIR; Yes! we who use BH knows it's good and so be it.

    Till now, Tewa did you see and have read any postings by MaedaSan coming out to defends his BH? None. Why? Becos he could not be borthered. He is using it and he is using it good; he believe in what he is using and the results shows - so whether you want to use his BH or not, he couldn't careless. If you believe in my products, these are my price and if you could afford it, go ahead - buy it and use it.

    It doesn't hurt him a 'damm', so why should you be so 'piss off'. And since you are using it in Oz, show the results to those interested and if they believe in it - go ahead and buy it ie if they could afford it - that's it, so simple.... no point of you posting and posting and posting - till the cows come home - nothing would be concluded and in the end.... everyone in all the forum will get 'pissed off' by you, Tewa.

    Don't you worry about it - for there is always 2 side of a coin - people who believe, used it and like it and people who don't believe in it or are turned off by its high cost - so be it. Don't you worry about a single bit of it and forget the FIR issue, okay. When you are back home, let's go koi hunting.

    Have listened to sea shells that made more sense than your xenophobic rant. Not only that, but you've gone and totally disrupted my wa. (hey, what does that say about you?) Don

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    Dec 2004
    between Okeefenokee and Ichetucknee

    If you are to follow some of the postings in koi.com.my (previously, not now) - you would have noticed how the Asian 'disect' the koi and give it an overall appraisal


    For my first post in this forum I will make a reply to you specifically and hopefully you are reading.

    MOST of what I know about ponds I learned by reading koi.com.my (previously, not now) and you can find posts there by windowman in which I voiced my thanks to you all. It is a horrible shame that little can be found there now other than American's drivel.

    But, by reading your forum I was introduced to a decorum and a politely incisive critcism that you, the members, would use with each other. I will again thank you for the lessons...on ponds and fish and manners. Available to me in English, I was able to learn from you.

    Please sifu, bring your decorum here also. Your experience and knowledge is immense. Be a calm force. Do not dismiss others. See that among the many loud American/Western voices there are also strong people learning and doing for the beauty of our fish. Even the most knowledgable here (in the west or the US) can act elevated and aloof and bothered by new and foreign ideas. You see that Dr. Tan would never call any of the ignorant posters to your board pests, and would always answer their questions and even compliment their puddles because he knew and demonstrated that the beauty of the fish could inspire any of us.

    And Roger, some of the loudest voices here are voices of my intelligent freinds and people I admire. I can clearly see that you mean well with what you say in your post. Please look for the meaning of others and not the bluster.

    My BH works wonders.
    Mickey the windowman

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    Somerset, England. (land of the country bumpkin)
    I'm knowhere near as interseted in the science behind Bakki Showers and Bacteria House Media as many BUT................

    .................The results I get can not be disputed. In one growing pond, I've achieved 60cm in 12 months.

    A few photos below of the Showered ponds at the farm, 2,500 UK gallons, 1 shower powered by a Squence 1/4 plus (somewhere near 3,000 gallon an hour), 20 ltr of static Kaldnes turning over around 600 gallons an hour.

    Stocking rate, clarity and koi vigor just do not make sense. But many have seen in 'Real time' how healthy these koi are. They'd kill to get the last pellet.
    First 3 photos of lowest stocked pond, perhaps 70 or 80 koi. The last photo contains well over a 1,000 4" koi. In all 4 Bakki Showered ponds at the farm, not a dead fish has been seen in months.

    Best systems I've ever run and I've been a fish keeper for more than 35 years.

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    Tategoi Maurice's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Somerset, England. (land of the country bumpkin)
    PS, these ponds have NO skimmers, yet to me the water has a glint of magic.


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    Nisai Jules's Avatar
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    Oct 2004

    Now I know...

    The downsides are running costs i.e - higher powered pumps (200% turnover), initial purchase cost, Noise and finally ambiant temp absorbtion.

    Greg the running costs are no where near what you may think if you use Red Devil pumps. I have a pool at a clients house in Nottingham running on 3 red devil pumps on a double shower with 50kg of submerged media. The whole pool including the air pumps and the uv runs for less than 700 watts. That is half of what my sytem at home runs on!

    I also do not fully understand the scientifics of how and why it works and to be honest I really don't loose any sleep over it either. I know the systems I have fitted have given excellent results and left me with happy clients. I also have nothing to do with Momotaro as an agent or any other buisness link excpet I have had the pleasure to work on the farm for a week to extend my knowledge of all things Momotaro.

    Greg, Good look with the shooting too.


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    Sansai sundan's Avatar
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    Lake Wales, FL
    Allright Maurice,
    I love seeing other ponds using bakki shower with BHM and yours are inspiring with high stocking rates. Why do you have flow going to side of wall? Is it to keep doc foam levels down? Can you post some more photos of bakki? Here is mine, seen a lot of koi growth past year with bakki shower, tropical weather helps alot to. Not sure on the how and why and the research of BH fir, but it works for me or I should say works for the koi. Cheers!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Bakki shower thread continuation-dscn2780.jpg   Bakki shower thread continuation-dscn2786.jpg   Bakki shower thread continuation-dscn2789.jpg   Bakki shower thread continuation-dscn2794.jpg  

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