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by , 02-15-2009 at 01:29 PM (6704 Views)
This blog is for all the koi hobbyists, including the ones competed in the show this weekend. I quote and unquote from the entrant requirement for the show:
1. This is a hobbyist show only. All koi entered must be owned by and accompanied by the registered entrant. KOI DEALERS, EVEN PART TIME OR INFORMAL FISH DEALERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SHOW FISH....
But the show coordinator ignored this rule and allowed her close friends ( who has a koi business, building ponds and buying fish in Japan at dealers cost, bringing them back to US then selling fish to the hobbyists, everybody in southern California had their ponds built should know this true fact) to enter the show and competed against the hobbyists. This matter was mentioned to the chairman, but it also got ignored. At the end, who won the contest? Well you guessed it!
Where is the justice for all the koi hobbyists? Fair or Unfair? Is it a true grand champion?


  1. schildkoi's Avatar
    First off, before you throw out accusations, you should define what a dealers is (or is not). hen you should compare your definition to that of the show in question's definition. Your opinion (nor mine) do not matter but the show's definition does.

    You owe the Morales' a huge apology for the false accusations that you are promoting.

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