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Thread: 17th Holland Koi show 2009

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    17th Holland Koi show 2009

    17th Holland Koi show 2009

    August 21, 22, and 23, 2009

    The Nishikigoi Vereniging Nederland (the Dutch Nishikigoi Association) traditionally organizes the Holland Koi Show For these days, known as the biggest koi spectacle in the world, the association organizes the annual Holland Koi Show. On the 21th, 22th and 23th of August koi enthusiasts and dealers from all over the world can exhibit their koi to a large public visiting the show.

    Years of experience has inspired great confidence of numerous top koi dealers and enthusiasts who trust us with their koi during the days of the show.
    In its 17 years of existence the event has become the single most important koi exhibition in all of Europe. During the Dutch Koi Days you can learn about the most advanced techniques in pond keeping and admire some spectacularly beautiful fish. Japan is the cradle of koi, but its culture also offers other phenomena for you to enjoy during the Koi show, such as a the Holland Bonsai show, the Holland Shrimp show, Japanese sword fighting and Japanese archery, which makes for a very diverse program of the show. Of course the show also pays a lot of attention to the entire koi commerce; there will be over a 140 stands with a great variety of offers such as koi, complete ponds, pond magazines or koi paintings.

    The Dutch Holland Koi Show is known world wide as the largest koi show regarding size and number of visitors. This year we will expect about 25.000 visitors

    The Netherlands is becoming a koi country of growing importance that brings forth many innovations in the koi hobby, something the Nikishigoi Vereniging Nederland is naturally very proud of! If you are a true koi enthusiast you wouldn't want to miss out on the Dutch Koi Days, even more so because of the amazingly beautiful gardens of the castle in Arcen where it all takes place. All the information about this event can be found on this website www.hollandkoishow.nl

    The Holland Koi Show will be held in the Castle Gardens Arcen, in the village of Arcen, The Netherlands.
    In the south part of the Netherlands, farther down the Maas valley from Tegelen 10km/6mi north of Venlo, is the beautifully situated village of Arcen, now a popular summer resort, with a moated castle of 1650. The Castle Gardens have been open to the public since 1988, with a magnificent display of flowers and plants, including a rose garden, a futuristic greenhouse for subtropical plants, the Casa Verde, and Japaese and Chinese gardens. The pavilions in the gardens and the house itself are used for art exhibitions and other cultural events.

    Becoming a member of the NVN: Nishikigoi Vereniging Nederland heet u welkom op haar website

    E-mail : [email protected]
    http://www.nvn-koi.nl and http://www.hollandkoishow.nl

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    Martha & I attended this show three years ago and it has a beautiful setting right in the Arcen Castle gardens. ONe of the top gardens in Europe. It is a amazing event with by far and away the largest vendor fair in the world. Koi equipment manufacturers from all over europe display some amazing filters and other pond equipment not yet seen in the U.S. This show also has a very friendly atmosphere and great crew of show workers. Well worth the time and effort to visit. I hope to be able to go back in the next few years.

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    Live stream Holland Koi Show 2009

    Live stream Holland Koi Show: Holland Koi Show

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