AKCA Minutes of June 12, 2009

Officers Present Directors Present Guests
Chair: Harlan Glenn Burt Ballou
Vice Chair: Kristine Peterson Brenda Chandler
Secretary: Carole Elliott Louie Hernandez
CFO: Doug Dahl Joyce Glenn
Don Chandler
Ray Jordan
Joe White

Board Highlights:
Ø Huge Kudos to Kay Rice who negotiated an addendum to the hotel contract for the 2010 Seminar.

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Harlan Glenn @ 6:22 p.m.

v MINUTES: Please note the following corrections to the May 29th Special meeting: Jim Reilly should have been listed as guest; Joan Finnegan should have been listed as present (on the phone); to clarify the motion requiring KHAs sign up for KOI USA for 2 years instead of paying $100 applies to new students and suggested for current KHAs; and, motion omitted was: Motion: To rescind the motion of May 8th that stated to tentatively authorize the contract with OSU for the KHV Grant Proposal pending payment dates and status dates. Motion by Don, 2nd by Carole. Approved with 1 abstain.

Doug reported that the investment account gained $$2286 IN April and $1493 in May. The Project KHV CD interest for April was $116 and for May was $109. The Board of Equalization notified us that we must E-file all future sales tax forms and payments so Doug asked Michael to set himself up as our accountant of record to file these tax forms and gave him the account number and access codes assigned by the state.

v Scientific/KHA: Joe stated that there were no new prospects for the KHA head; is busy revising forms for the website and for new students. 40 have expressed an interest in the next class. Discussion about “Hold Harmless Agreement.” Burt felt that it’s not of much value and should make it optional. Don felt that we should move away from “certification” and go towards graduate. Burt is in favor of doing away with all pond tracking. Approved. Motion: To do away with all tracking paperwork for pond calls and do away with the Hold Harmless agreement. Motion by Burt, 2nd by Don. Approved.

v PROJECT KHV: Ray Jordan reported that they have made a fair amount of progress. They considered the contract Spike signed with OSU invalid as he didn’t have the authority to sign such a large contract. Lynn Reilly will send in a new agreement that they are in the process of amending; want good reports they can publish in KOI USA from Ling Jin, which she has agreed to produce. Will make a decision at the July meeting.

v PUBLICATION: Don reported that once we run out of the mailing envelopes we will be going to plastic. Joe had reported that we have 4 banner ads. Some discussion about the errors on the last magazine. Steve reported that Hikari will sponsor the Pond of the Year Contest next year with the three divisional winners from the previous years excluded from the contest. Steve is running two weeks behind due to illness. We have two free booths for AKCA/KOI USA at the Northern Midwest ZNA and MPKS Indianapolis shows as well as Koi America. American Web reported to Doug that editorials comprise 68.4% of the magazine with advertising making up the rest. Toni Anderson will take over the “Born in the USA” series with a twist – the Search for JR’s Dollar;

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v will use subtitles with pictures under byline. Connie reported on the 14 accounts 90 days overdue for a total of $14,432.50. Doug discussed collections and collection agency.

v MEMBERSHIP: Doug reported that we don’t have the application from the Gulf Coast club.

v JUDGING: Burt reported that Galen is celebrating his 45th wedding anniversary. He stated that they have a summer quarterly newsletter, done by Bryan Bateman, with a new survey about structure or tier system for judges as well as a packet to clubs for putting on koi shows. They had applications for 5 candidate judges; 2 were approved with Galen sending Thank You letters to the other three. Will stop holding the $25 checks required of all candidate judges and will cash them in the future. He commended Charles Phelps for a great job in scheduling and to Bryan Bateman for the Judges Corner in KOI USA. 2 AKCA judges are going to Brazil to judge a show including Joe White.

v SPEAKER’S GRANT: Burt stated that one of the winners just got their notification in May that they were one of the winners of the grant; their President never told them. They were advised that they have until October to use it.

v GUIDES: Burt had some problems with his computer; still waiting for three authors to finish.

v INSURANCE: Burt stated that we haven’t received the policy or billing for our E&O policy. Doug stated that he paid the annual bill for the Hartford Insurance.

v Election Results: Carole left the ballots at home; after the meeting, Burt, Don & Brenda Chandler, and Louie Hernandez went to her home and counted the ballots. Of the 48 ballots received, 47 voted for the slate of officers. Election results were ratified and approved.


v 2010 Nashville, Tenn.: Doug reported that he agreed with Burt, Carole and Kay for Burt to sign the amended hotel contract for $129 room night increase from $115 in trade for more achievable room night guarantee of 509 nights instead of 585 room nights. The amendment also reduces the penalty to $103 penalty per night short from $115 penalty per night short. We all want to thank Kay for all of the work she did to get this amendment. Motion: To approve a new ½ price Package 2 to allow people who cannot get off work on Friday to attend Saturday Seminars only. Package 2 is Seminars only. This was originally requested for the KHA attendees but will be applied to anyone who can only attend Saturday Seminars. Motion by Doug, 2nd by Don. Approved.

v 2011 Seminar: Kristine Peterson has agreed to be the AKCA contact person for the 2011 Seminar in Indianapolis.

v 2012 Seminar: Any club interested should send in a proposal; will look at them either in August or September.

q Is your club interested in hosting the 2012 Seminar? If so, mail in a proposal; should include at least three hotels that could accommodate a Seminar.

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Upcoming AKCA Annual Calendar Events for JULY
q AKCA Year End financials
q AKCA Committees submit annual budgets
q AKCA & KOI USA Inc. Annual budgets delivered

q KHA Website Google: It was reported that Ken said that everything is fine; Don said it isn’t; is blacklisted by google. There was further discussion. Joe sent Dale’s suggestions to Ken. Will need further action.


q None


q Written report submitted by Doug: Dale Whaley, of First Coast K,GF&WGC, reports the club held its first plant sale fundraiser and it was a success and will be an annual event for the club. This club joined with the North Florida club for a fish auction which worked out well for both clubs. Club members are planning for the Annual Pond Tour soon and the Koi Show in October. Bob Seivert, of Las Vegas KC, reports the April 28th club meeting included an Easter egg hunt and goodie basket give away. The club also held its annual plant sale at Plant World Nursery on May 2. It was a great success. There was a virtual Pond Tour held May 30 for members to watch on a wide screen HDTV that includes a raffle and BBQ. The new club website is www.lasvegaskoiclub.com. Pam Francis, of Michigan K&PC-SE, reports 21 club members received a docent tour of the Ann Arbor Matthai Botanical Gardens on May 16. This is one of the most energy efficient conservatories in the US and the Conservatory Manager provided a wealth of knowledge to club members during the tour. Following the official tour, club members walked the adjacent gardens and water features to enjoy the environment. The club will hold a member’s only Koi Auction on June 20 and will host a Pond Tour on July 11. Kodama Koi Farms provided a 15% off Kodama Koi Food certificate good at The Pond Place to all attendees of the Symposium hosted by the club. Dot Wilbanks, of Moto Kara Koi Kai ZNA Chapter, reports Ron Goforth hosted the May club meeting with Shigeru Mano of Dainichi Koi Farm attending with great koi for sale. Ron helped to select these Gosanke koi on his last trip to Japan. Members had the opportunity to pre-order koi for Ron & Shigueru to select for them. Mano-san introduced a new bloodline of Kohaku called Rikidozan, named after a famous sumo wrestler. As this bloodline improves, of course the price for the koi will increase. Club members helped Mano-san celebrate his birthday with a cake and gifts. Members of clubs as far as Chicago and Portland joined the group in viewing these beautiful koi and the Texas BBQ for the 50 who attended. Ron showed a video continuously all day of the Dainichi Koi Farm operations. Ron and Shigeru gave a presentation on the Koi Farm and answered questions of attendees. The June club meeting was a joint meeting with Lone Star Koi Club with 25 attendees. Ron Goforth spoke about the importance of good water quality and the fact that the water in Japan is soft water needed for excellent skin quality on high grade koi. Ron shared his water testing method process. Dan Phillips, of North Carolina K&WGS, reports 4 club members have signed up for the AKCA KHA class this year. Planning for the 2nd Carolina Classic Young Koi Show is underway following the successful 1st show last October. Fritz Miller, of Olympic K,G&WGC, reports club members discussed ways to get the word out to the public about the club. Ken Weipert, of Triad K&WGS, reports the club held a great meeting in May with a tasty lunch and moved 2 filters at the home of the host. Members discussed koi related issues. David Yee, of Valley of the Sun KC, asked about the status of the Project KHV Best Health Practices (BHP) program; told him he would have to wait for the new Committee Chairmen Ray Jordan and Jim Reilly to review and status the BHP program. The May club meeting included an educational session “Sex Determination Procedures

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q for Koi” and was well attended. This will be the last club meeting before the summer recess. Mary Oxman, of Ventura KC, reports the May club meeting was held in a beautiful wildlife habitat location at the home of Dave & Frankie Ackerman. The Ackerman’s also displayed many unusual koi which were so beautiful and appreciated by attendees. Thanks go to Marcial Barayuga, of California Rocks & Waterfalls, for sharing the building process for the pond with club members. Dick and Leigh Stockton also brought samples of Koi Chow food from Morning Sun Gardens for members to take and provided a special 50 pound sack price for club members. The club will hold the Annual BBQ and potluck on June 13 and guests cost $15 per person.

q Written report submitted by Burt: Arley Hulstrand, of Dallas Koi Kichi Group, said the Memorial Day Weekend show was the biggest and best ever! According to Duc Nguyen, Chairman, over 155 koi were entered. The fish were very nice quality, so competition was “friendly fierce.” This was Duc’s first time to chair and he did a marvelous job. Chairman emeritus, Tom Walker, was a wonderful assistant, as were the “usual faces” who do so much hard work setting up, during the show, and taking down. The Texas Wranglers benched the fish. Dry vendor, Taro Kodama, helped bag fish after the show. During his four days in Texas, Taro had the opportunity to visit three members’ ponds, from the smallest to the largest, which he greatly appreciated. Linda Montgomery, of Cascade Club, said they are helping with providing food for the fish at the Chinese Garden. Several members are attending the PNKCA Convention this month in Lynnwood, Washington. The next month’s meeting program has as yet to be determined. Several koi keepers and club members in the area are having difficulties with their fish most likely due from the hard cold winter they experienced this year. Joe White, of ZNA Southern KA, said they have a “drive-in” one day Seminar at Aquatic Eco Systems facilities on July 18th. They will tour their lab. A club member will lead a case study discussion of his experiences with KHV and subsequent method of using a combined approach of quarantine and blood serology testing to help protect against bringing this disease into his ponds. Instruction on blood drawing and the proper preparation of specimens for testing will be covered along with information pertaining to the other types of tests available to detect KHV. Afternoon session will include identification of parasites, scrape and scope with live fish. They are trying to involve with one of the state veterinarians for this Seminar. Confirmation of a joint show with the Tropical Koi Club to take place at the Morikami Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach for the weekend of Oct. 31 & Nov. 1. Congrats to their club members Richard & Luanne Porter for their Sanke winning Grand Champion at Louisville Koi Show and to Lee Aronfeld for his Kohaku winning Reserve Grand Champion at the show. Larry Templeton, of Santa Clara Valley K&WGC, said they had an excellent May meeting with Mamoru and Taro Kodama speaking about their business and about the evolution and breeding of Utsuris. The next day, Sanjiv Kapoor took the Kodamas on a private tour of 5 local ponds, ending up at the home of Cynthia & Larry Templeton for a very well attended pond social (26 attendees). They are deep in preparations for the annual pond tour; the speaker for their June meeting is Anthony Quintero of Koi Enterprise in Sacramento. Martha Foster, of Nature’s Coast K&WGC, said they’ve had a busy month. Their Young Koi Show was great; had 86 very nice entries with Todo as their judge. They had an interesting and fun time in Largo at Jeff’s Koi House on May 9th; 15 members made the trip. They had a field trip last weekend to a nursery that specializes in bromeliads, ferns and gingers. Three more field trips are on the horizon including a multi-club trip to Blackwater Creek Farm in Blountstown. Kim Hafley, of Orlando Area K&PC, said they met at the home of June Roberti on May 23rd; she prepared a wonderful Italian lunch for the members. Their President, Rob Forbis and Henry Culpepper spoke to the group about the benefit s of taking the AKCA Koi Health Advisor course. Henry then told them about the Judges Program which he just completed to become a Certified Judge. It was announced that the Southern Koi Association and the Tropical Koi Club will be sponsoring a koi show at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach, Fla., on Oct. 31st. They have decided to sponsor another tour of Koi Ponds in the spring of next year as they did a couple years previously. Sonja Kohkaka, of Rainbow River KC, said their trip to Jeff’s Koi House was great. The Shinoda Hi Utsuri’s for the grow out contest were super and the Kodama’s did a

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q wonderful presentation on the origin, development and what to look for when choosing one. Their next meeting will be at their home where they will continue their educational DVD, “Train Your Eye to Pick the Best Koi.” The next field trip is set for June 20th to Blackwater Creek Koi Farm’s Blountstown division. Karen Turtle, of ZNA Nor Cal, said they are not having a regular meeting this month due to the Tse Koi judging event with Mr. Ito, from Japan. Next month they are having a koi social family picnic at their show chair, Barbara Jackson’s, home. Barb Flowers, of Rocky Mountain KC, said that in June they will be traveling to Colorado’s only koi breeder, Thompsons Aquatics in Pueblo, Colo. For a koi and plant sale. They will be joined by the new Southern Colorado Club as well as some water garden clubs. They will also be hosting a behind the scenes tour of the Denver Aquarium. The 3rd weekend of July will be their annual pond tour. August 15 & 16 they will be holding their 20th Annual Koi Show at Tagawa Garden Center in Centennial, Colorado. John Flowers has completely revamped the RMKC’s website. They don’t know how many people subscribe to KOI USA. Norbun Watson, of Middle Georgia KS, said the club is recovering from their koi show and pond tour which were both very successful; picked up some new members from both activities. Their next meeting they will continue with a different koi variety study. Tim Biglow, of San Francisco Bay Area KC, said they had a koi auction last weekend at Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore. It was a 2 day event in conjunction with the Grant Fujita Koi Seminar. They also had a group of vendors present at the event; there is no meeting scheduled for this month due to the auction. Dr. Jim Hooper, of Mendocino Coast K&WGS, said they had their pond tour last week but had a very low turnout. They had a post pond tour party that was a lot of fun; did get some new members from the pond tour. They are now planning some field trips. John Ames, of K&WGC of No. Texas, said their May meeting was at the home of Mike & Janice in Lucas, Texas. They have a 1,400 gallon koi pond along with a couple of Pygmy Goats and American Chickens. Their guest speaker was Mike Correale, the President of Solar Wind Technologies. Mike gave a great presentation about how they can use these alternate sources of energy in their homes and business. Their club also sponsored the “People’s Choice” trophy for the Dallas Koi Kichi Koi Show and the winner of the trophy went to Arley for her Gin Rin Chagoi named Golda. Burt was unable to reach Southern Arizona KA.

q Written report submitted by Carole: Kay Rice, of Koi Club of Middle Tennessee, has worked very hard to get the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel to agree to an addendum to the contract for the 2010 Seminar; this will result in a huge savings for AKCA. Bart Thompson, of Bakersfield K&WGS, said they raised funds from a yard sale and koi sale to support their koi show. They would like to continue selling donated koi to raise funds to donate for KHV. Clark Shea, of Canada KC of British Columbia, said activity has picked up as members work on getting their ponds ready for another summer koi season. With a number of new members in the club this year it was decided that a program of koi identification and judging program should be implemented and to aid in this endeavor the Club decided to purchase a projector and screen. The annual Pacific Northwest Koi Clubs Assoc. convention is being held this year in Lynwood, Washington; a number of their members will be attending. In august, it is their turn to host a pond tour and invite their friends in the Dai Ichi Koi Club to attend. These are always a feature of their summer activities and are followed by a BBQ. The club recently had a tour of some of the dealers in the area. Their web site is attracting attention and is proving to be a great addition to their club profile; membership numbers remain strong and everyone is looking forward to a good year. Joe Copeland, of North Texas WGS, said they are having their 18th Annual Tour of Ponds on June 13-14, 48 ponds total. It also includes a night tour up until midnight. They are also having a Pond Tour Party and Orientation on June 9th. William Doyle, of Midwest P&KS, said they had a koi auction for members on May 31st and a Tosai auction on June 6th. On July 10-12 will be their 17th Annual Koi, Goldfish and Trade Show at Darien Sportsplex in Darien, Ill. On July 18-19th will be the 19th Annual Pond Tour with the North/Northwest area and Central area and July 25-26th 19th Annual Pond Tour in the Southwest/West area and South area. Carole tried but was unable to reach Puget Sound KC, Southwest K&PA, and the WGC of South Texas.

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q Written report submitted by Phil Hunter: Jeff Venn, of the Capital Area K&WGC, reports that the May meeting was held at Preuss Pets. Frick Preuss gave a presentation on fish and fish health. The June meeting will be held at the home of Joan Knapp. Don Garling from Michigan State University will be the guest speaker. Tess Little, of the Dayton K&GFC, reports that the May meeting was held at the home of Dale & Sue Pleimann. VP Linda Kinney taught club members how to use the club’s microscope to look for parasites on their fish. She also discussed how to identify symptoms and treat infected fish. Angela Thomas reported on the club member’s field trip to the Greater Louisville Koi & Goldfish Show. Two of the clubs members: Scott Kendall and Linda Kinney, displayed their fish and won a total of twelve awards, including Grand Chamption “B”, Mature Champion, Best in Variety- Kohaku, and best in variety,- Kawarigoi. The club also raffled off a UV light donated by Aqua UV and other koi related items. Don Hellard, of the Gainesville KC, reports that the club is busy preparing for a pond tour to be held in July. Diana Lynn Rehn, of the Inland Empire WG&KS, reports that the club is grateful to finally get some good weather. The club recently participated in the annual koi health check and pond cleanout of the Nishinomiya-Tsutakawa Memorial Garden pond. Up coming event include a pond tour, yard sale, pond side club meetings and the 2009 “Fancy Fins” Koi & Goldfish Show. Tom Tranbarger, of the Shasta K&WGC, reports that Cherie Kain, the club president, gave a demonstration on how to plant marginal/bog plants and water lilies, including how to divide them. The meeting also featured a plant exchange. In addition, Renee Ottsman, the new club VP was introduced. The club will not have a meeting in June because the annual pond tour will be held on June 20th. Linda Siler, of the Springfield WGS, reports that the meeting was held at the home of Ken & Mimi Grozinger. Everyone enjoyed their new pond. The presentation given by Mike Kennedy was on skimmers and how they help improve the ponds water quality. The June meeting will be at the home of Ian and Phyllis Donnelly. The program will be how to have fun with water plants in containers. The club will also have a pond tour on June 27th featuring 20 ponds. The Mountaineer K&WGS had no report this month.

q Written report submitted by Don Chandler: Janet Vukovich, of Central Calif. KC, reports their first meeting of the year was a social event, although planning continues for their pond tour and their koi show later this year. Debi Gillis, of Central Coast KC, reports the May meeting, held at Brad and Sarah’s house, was highlighted by a discussion of their clubs Shiro Utsuri Grow Out/Development Class; the June meeting was held at Jeff & Kim’s pond and members were encouraged to bring samples of their pond water for testing. Don Chandler, of Internet Koi of North America (IKONA), reports 20 club members attended the May meeting; it was announced that club members Dale Gingerich and Marc Skaggs had been accepted as Candidate AKCA Judge, that club member Toni Anderson would be taking over the KOI USA series “Born in the USA: with an added twist: The Chase for JR’s Dollar and that club member Joe White had been selected as the Chair of the AKCA’s KHA Interim Steering Committee. Congrats to all. After the business portion was completed, Cheryl Childers presented this month’s educational series: What Do You Really Know About Koi, which was a Trivia competition featuring questions drawn directly from the last year’s worth of training sessions. Shows: numerous members assisted at the Louisville and Dallas shows; IKONA Friendship Awards presented at both shows. Ellie Cooper, of Mid-Atlantic KC, reports they continue to prepare for their Annual Show, while local chapters held their monthly meetings; their Central and South Chapters joined forces and held a meeting at Hanover Koi Farm, near their show site. Their annual meeting is scheduled for June 28 at Stephens Aquatic Services in Chadds Ford, PA. Phyllis Anderson, of North Idaho Koi Keepers, reports Mat McCann, of Quality Koi, joined their group in April to demonstrate some of his new filtering project developments. The group met at Don & Catherine Ekhoff’s river side home in Post Falls and enjoyed an Italian lunch provided by their hosts. The next day they shared more of Mat’s time when he led a demonstration at Dan & Sharon Olson’s pond of working on koi’s surface injuries. In May, the club met at Bruce Todd’s pond in Spokane. Member Robert Fischbach led a discussion on solar energy that could be tied in to the requirements of a Koi pond. Lots of good ideas and discussions came out of this workshop. Marc & Tamara Skaggs, of

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q Northern Midwest ZNA, report their club is finishing details for their annual Koi Show to be held June 19-21 at Season’s Gardens in Fishers, IN. Paul Curtis (of MinnFinn) will be giving three seminars for hobbyists at the show. They are looking forward to another successful show with Art & Nicole Lembke judging the koi and Art doing double duty with the goldfish. Dorothy Connors, of Rhode Island & Massachusetts KC, reports that after several delays due to inclement weather, their first meeting of the year was scheduled for May 31; tune in next month to learn whether they finally got it in. Jerry Dudley, of Siskiyou K&PC, reports they had a very busy May with the Master Gardeners Spring Fair, the Annual BBQ and attending the PNKCA convention. Special thanks to the Kodama Koi Farm for the donations of Koi and their support. Upcoming will be their Yard Sale on June 27. Their last meeting’s speaker was Larry Christensen (AKCA Judge) and we thank him for both his presentation and his help with the koi auction. For the rest of the summer, all meetings will be held at members homes so that we can see their ponds. No contact with the following clubs: Upper Midwest KC; Las Pampas K&WGS; Metro-Detroit P&GC, and Nashville PS.

q Written report submitted by Brenda Chandler: Brenda Chandler, of Koi Kichi & WGC, reports guest speakers at their meeting were Mike & Gleci Hernandez, who talked about their new (made in America) line of koi food – ToMiGai. Named after their three children the food has been available in the Philippines for 8 years now and features 50% protein pellets in both Wheat Germ and Spirulina. Jan Thompson, of Southern Colorado KC, reports their first koi auction was a success, with several thousand dollars in sales; their website is up and running (SoCoKoi.org); a field trip is planned to Thompson’s Aquatic Gardens on June 20th, along with the RMKC and Pikes Peak Water Garden Society members, to purchase koi he has bred; Taro and Mamoru Kodama, who will be staying with one of their members for 4 days in August, will be a vendor at the RMKC Koi Show mid-August and will speak to their club in Colorado Springs prior to the Show; they’ve picked up 5 more members his month; and they’ve ordered up a case of KOI USA magazines to pass out to new members (in exchange for postage reimbursement). All in all, a fine first month for this brand, spanking new AKCA Club!

q Written report submitted by Joan Finnegan: So Cal Koi Club held their annual BBQ Social & White Elephant auction for fundraiser on Sunday, June 7th. This is how koi auctions started as they had a member bring a koi for sale at an early Potluck & Elephant auction. They have a good treasury and the club has paid So Cal Koi Club members to attend various events such as the AKCA Seminar ($100). Larry Christensen, of Northwest K&GFS, said they had a Koi show committee meeting for their 29th Annual Koi Show. They have also worked at the Japanese Gardens for children as they do every year. Linda Montgomery is their contact with the Japanese Garden; their Annual Koi Show is the big deal. Norman Call, of Oregon K&WGS, Their annual koi show is this coming weekend; not much else going on.

q Written report submitted by Joyce Glenn: Bob Waag, of the Florida West Coast K&WGS, reported that a county employee is going to explain the wetlands and Redbug flu to the club meeting in Sarasota. Then the club will take its annual hiatus until the fall and cooler weather. Robert Lewis, of Charleston Showa KC, said they have been busy doing TV spots advertising their 6th Annual Pond Tour. This year they will have 36 ponds participating; it will close with a big cookout and raffle. Dave Peebler, of Koi Club of Kansas, said the club is having their meeting at Tim Kluyver’s house this month. Tim is from Holland, met an American girl in Aruba and they now live in Wichita. Tim has some unique features in his pond; he has bottom drains with air domes and has a weir instead of a waterfall. Vicki Knill, of Atlanta KC, said they are getting ready for their show in Sept. Vik Nair, of Washington K&WGS, said the big PNKCA Seminar is this weekend. An excellent variety of speakers will be there as will their KOI USA founder Ed Fujimoto. Bonnie Nakahara, of Hawaii Goldfish & Carp Assoc., said they just finished two community events, Children’s Day at the Japanese Cultural Center and the Hawaii Pet Expo. They are now concentrating on the upcoming Ohana (Family) Koi & Goldfish Show which will be

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q held on June 12-14 at the Blaisdell Exchibition Hall in Honolulu, Hawaii. This year marks their 50th Anniversary as a club so they decided to do something different and hold their show as part of the Home, Garden & Remodeling Show and hope to draw not only the hobbyist who usually attends the show but also the folks who will be attending the Home Show. “We welcome other clubs vacationing in Hawaii on those dates, to join us on those days.”

q Written report submitted by Bob Finnegan: Nellie Hawley, of the North Florida KC, said that on May 13th their members were assisting the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens. On this occasion their duties included identifying and taking photographs to match with each specimen’s microchip number for the inventory being maintained at the zoo. After this process they had the pleasure of releasing the koi into their new home in the newly opened Asian Bamboo Gardens Exhibit. On May 30 & 31th they will join with the First Coast Koi, GF,&WGC to conduct an area wide Pond Tour with proceeds to be donated to a local charity. On June 20th members will participate in a field trip to Blackwater Creek Fish Farm in Blountstown, FL. All koi club members from both Florida and Georgia clubs have been by Joe Pawlak to participate in this worthwhile experience. Charles Phelps, of Greater Louisville K&GFS, said they had their Annual Koi & Goldfish Show on Memorial weekend. There were 152 koi entered and 50 goldfish; this is always a success! Lester Berkow, of Tropical K&WGC of So. Fl., said the club will be putting on a show next Oct.; everything else is OK. The Greater Ponds & KS of W. Michigan went to the Michigan State University Gardens last month. Mona Coleman, of Northern Nev. Pond Club, said some of their members went to the San Diego Seminar and want to join the KHA program. Chauncey Blackford, of Indiana K&WGC, said they will have their 1st Koi Show June 13-14 in Indianapolis; the Finnegans will judge. Ken Knapp, of Tulsa KS, said they’re not having a meeting but hope to in the future. David Vince, of West Tennessee PS, said the 2nd Thursday in Aug. they will have a koi display in Jackson, Tennessee.

q Written report submitted by Kristine Peterson: The Mountain View KC opened the 2009 summer season on March 15th, with a meeting at Toad Mountain Park home of Verne & Paula Gilkes. The meeting started off on a sad note as a large number of members lost koi which might have been due to the long & cold winter. Their next meeting is scheduled for May 31 at Koi Valeigh, the home of Leigh & Karen Mode. They are all excited about this meeting as they are starting on a grow out competition. The club will be supplying a 6-8 inch koi from a tank of 40 gosanke to each member of the club. The gosanke were bought from Quality Koi Company by Moad Mountain Enterprise operated by Verne Gilkes & Leigh Mode. Everyone will choose a number and then pick out their koi in that order. Leigh Mode will talk on how to pick and judge the Utsurimono variety of koi. The club welcomed a new member, Domique Chan and his son, Michael, to it’s membership. Verne is in the process of removing his old pond and redoing a new one with bottom drains and an inground filter system. Congratulation to all the club members who supplied photos last October for their Koi of the Year competition; it was well attended with Leigh winning the clubs Koi of the Year for his beautiful Ochiba. The Central Iowa WGA reported they have three chapters. One in Ames, Iowa called the Story County Chapter. One in Des Moines called the Capitol City Chapter and finally one in the Mason City area called Top of Iowa Chapter. All three chapters have had plant and fish exchanges this last month with a lot of plants divided and given away to members. These are always well attended meetings for obvious reasons. The Story County Chapter and the Top of Iowa Chapter are having their Annual BBQs in June. All three chapters are planning pond tours this July and their respective committees are busy working on them. The Koi Club of San Diego reported they held their annual Koi Auction at California Koi Farms on May 2nd with nearly 300 koi auctioned and going to new homes. Funds raised helps to support the annual show. Planning for the 2010 show is under way with the venue returning to the Del Mar Fairgrounds Feb. 12-14. Hotel and banquet arrangements are still being worked on. The May general meeting at the home of Bill & Lori Thompson & Tom Ross talked on water conservation and listed plants and trees that will tolerate various salt levels when using pond water for watering. Jack Chapman & Linda Pluth received service awards from Balboa Park’s Japanese

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q Friendship Garden volunteers’ dinner for their dedication in caring for the gardens koi pond. May was also the Cuyamaca College Spring Garden Festival where Marilyn Kuchuck, Matt Rhoades, Linda Pluth and Jack Chapman handed out information material and KOI USA magazines to those interested in learning more about the hobby. The June meeting will be held at the home of Galen & Maureen Hansen.

q Written report submitted by Louie Hernandez: The Nishiki KC held their June meeting at the home of Pam Spindola; always a pleasure to see her great ponds and koi. Members ponds have done well this spring and koi are happy. ZNA Southern CA reports that their May meeting was held at the home of Doug Wright. The club had a swap meet at Dougs home; there were many koi related items that members brought to sell; they had a BBQ to go along with some great deals. Marilee Marshall, of Camellia KC, said they recently enjoyed a surge in new members and reunion for a number of familiar friends that have ventured out since winter hibernation. Their club auction last month helped their seasoned members reduce their pond fish load and helped newer pond’ers acquire some healthy mature koi. For June, they will have a workshop on pond foam and a BBQ. July will feature planting around ponds. Committee’s are finalizing plans for their big Sept. 12-13th koi show at the Roseville Fairgrounds. Almost all of their vendor spots have been filled, and they’ve started a stand-by list. Tom Ayers, of Tucson KS, said their last meeting was held on March 28th; had their annual dinner with special guest speakers Pat & Larry Christensen’s. they had the meeting at El Parador Restaurant; the topic of the night was as judges, what has gone wrong when you are judging. The stories were great and everybody had a great laugh. Their next meeting is this Saturday; they meet about 5 to 6 times a year.

q Written report submitted by Larry: Shelly Klinger, of Central Illinois WG, said they will hold a social potluck for the June meeting. The final plans for the Parade of Ponds on July 18 will be finalized. Volunteers are needed to help at the tour. Kelly Houston, of Inland KS, said their next meeting will be at Joan & Randy Reddens home in Riverside. They have an 18,000 gallon pond that is a 1 ½ years old. Final arrangement are being made for a bus trip in August to a California Mission with a koi pond and a beach party afterwards. Darlene Jennings, of Mid-Michigan P&WGC, said their June meeting will be at Ed & Kris Havlicheks in Swartz Creek, Mi. The speaker is Lou from Swamp Art, Vickie and John Turner have volunteered to chair the 2010 Pond Tour. Ron Kramer, of Prairieland K&PS, said they are gearing up for their 2009 Pond Tour in the Peoria, Il. Area. Steve Meltzer, of St. Louis WGS, said they held their monthly meeting (May 26) at the Missouri Botanical Garden, unfortunately the featured speaker had an emergency and was unable to attend. Dave Stahre, their president, opened the floor for discussion on ponds and such and they had a lively question and answer session for about an hour. It never ceases to amaze me how much useful info one can garner at one of these sessions, someone, somewhere, has been through it and can lend some advice, Steve said. They are in the process of gearing up for their big event….PONDERAMA! This is their annual pond tour open to the public and this year it is being held on Sat. June 26 & Sun., June 27th. They have 42 of their club member’s ponds on the tour, half on Sat. the other half on Sun. Tickets are $15 each and are their primary fundraiser. Coming in July, no set date, is a member only “All aboard” tour where we visit ponds and gardens with garden railroads. Their service project is taking care of the lily ponds at the Jewel Box and they are putting the tropical plants and lilies back into the ponds (the hardies were taken care of sometime in April). As a side note, three of their members went to the Greater Louisville K&GFS’s koi and goldfish show Memorial Day weekend. The fish were magnificent, Steve said!

Motion: To adjourn at 7:58 p.m. Motion by Don, 2nd by Burt. Approved.

Respectfully submitted,
Carole Elliott, Secretary