Hi folks,

2011 ZNA NorCal Wet Lab and Koi Health lecture will be held on July 9th along with the July meeting at Dr. Sanjiv Kapoor's place in San Jose, CA. Dr. Sanjiv Kapoor will lead the Wet Lab and Koi Health lecture this year. Steve Eckard will be the assistant for the wet lab. Both Dr Kapoor and Mr. Eckard are AKCA KHAs. Koi health, diseases, parasites, bacteria will be lectured by Dr. Kapoor along with video presentation for identification of parasites and bacteria. The wet lab will be starting after the lecture. This is one of the best education topics of our club in the past. We hope you all can attend 2011 NorCal wet lab and July meeting.

Here are the details:

Date: July 9th at 1pm
Location: Dr. Sanjiv Kapoor's place

- Club business - President Larry G.
- AKCA Update - Karen T.
- ZNA Update - Dinh N.
- 2011 Show vendor update - President Larry G.
- 2011 Show PR & Advertising update - plan & status - Vu T.
- 2011 Show Fund Raising - Dr. Preston D.
- 2011 Show water resources update - Mr. Mike P.
- 2011 Trophies - Dr. Daivd T.
- 2011 Show general - Dinh N.
- Financial Update - Mr. Donald D.

- Education - 2011 Wet Lab and Koi Health Lecture by Dr. Kapoor, Wet Lab assistant Mr. Steve E.

Hope to see you all there

ZNA NorCal