Atlanta Koi Club Pond & Water Garden Tour June 22, 2013

Support the club with a delightful day of fun and relaxation. Grab some friends and join us at this year's Pond and Water Garden Tour where you may get some new ideas and learn from your fellow pond owners. We will have the booklets for sale (cash or check only) at the May and June meetings. Now they are also for sale on the AKC web site and at eight Pond & Garden related businesses.

Go to to check out the many ways you can purchase the Ticket Booklet and the locations of the businesses that are selling the booklets. For only $30 per car (max 4 adults) you get a pond-side lunch, directions and descriptions of the ponds on the tour. We have some real winners. $25 if you download the booklet yourself (takes a while). Several of the advertisers in the booklet are offering discounts or free door prizes. Check it out!

Please forward this email to your friends, neighbors and relatives, as they may want to go also. We would love to meet them.

Looking forward to seeing you and thanks for your support!