Hi everyone,

Hope all is well and that your koi are thriving. I was able to put together a koi experts panel that will includes local dealers, local judges, seasoned hobbyists and our own local vet. They all agreed to help speaking to our members on various topics from koi healths, koi selection to koi keeping and koi showing etc...

As promised we will have many koi activities for our club members this year in addition to the annual koi show. We will begin with our koi education/appreciation seminars series event taking place at Nguyen' s home on JUNE 8, @ 2:00. Nguyen promised lunch will be served. The first part of this series will cover topics of understanding/appreciation of shiroji, beni and sumi in koi at different stages of their developments.
The speakers for this event are Duke Nguyen, Tom Lai, and Khuong Doan.

Mr. Duke Nguyen is the legendary pioneer of koi keeping in San Francisco Bay area.

Mr. Tom Lai is a renowned and well respected koi dealer in the country and CEO of champion koi here in san jose california.

Mr. Khuong Doan is our own seasoned hobbyist and highly regards among our peers here locally as well as internationally.

This opportunity is inestimable for everyone. There is something for everyone here.

Remember to keep your calendar clear for the first Sunday of each month! We have exciting events planned for you.
A quick preview for remainder of this year:

JULY-SEPTEMBER : *Additional segments of educational/appreciation series
*Swap meet of all things koi (yes, including koi!)
*Koi pond tours
NOVEMBER: * My annual koi harvest/pond pull at my place
DECEMBER; * CHRISTMAS PARTY w optional gift exchange FUN!

We look forward to seeing you!

Best regards,
David Tran