Hi everyone,

For the month of july we will showcase a few selected koi ponds from our own seasoned hobbyists in the bay area. It is on Sunday July 6. Here are the line up:
Mr. Nathan Truong 's pond -- the biggest bad ass 40K gallon pond with very high end koi collection.
Mr. Long Vo's pond -- home of the current grand champion and many awarded winning koi.
Mr. Duke Nguyen's pond --- the legend in the sf bay area with awarded winning koi in japan and here in the states.
Mr. Joseph 's pond -- a rising star in the show circuit with a newly updated pond with state of the arts filtrations.

Each pond here is differ in sizes (volumes) but more importantly unique in each design facets of the system. We will get to see its system set up and how each owner maintains and upkeeps its water parameters. So much we can learn and benefits by understanding from each of these ponds.

We will spend no more then an hour at each pond talking to each pond's owners and in the end you be the judge to see what system best suit you. More details about this tour with time, locations, address ect... to follow as we get close to the date.

Also a quick reminder for our june 8 koi event at Nguyen's home:

Time: Noon
Address : 449 Printy Ave
Milpitas Ca 95035

Phone: 408 373 2542

As promised we will have many koi activities for our club members this year in addition to the annual koi show. We will begin with our koi education/appreciation seminars series event taking place at Nguyen' s home on JUNE 8, @ 12:00. Nguyen promised lunch will be served. The first part of this series will cover topics of understanding/appreciation of shiroji, beni and sumi in koi at different stages of their developments.
The speakers for this event are Duke Nguyen, Tom Lai, and Khuong Doan.

Mr. Duke Nguyen is the legendary pioneer of koi keeping in San Francisco Bay area.

Mr. Tom Lai is a renowned and well respected koi dealer in the country and CEO of champion koi here in san jose california.

Mr. Khuong Doan is our own seasoned hobbyist and highly regards among our peers here locally as well as internationally.

This opportunity is inestimable for everyone. There is something for everyone here.

Happy Koi Keeping.


David Tran