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Thread: Book

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    Hi to all
    There is a Amazing eBook with much more info on goldfishes (like Red Oranda, Red Cap Oranda, Lionhead Oranda, Ryukin, Calico, Perlscale, Moors, Shubunkins, Comet Goldfish, Wakins, Jikin, Pompom, Demekin, Ranchu, Bubble Eye, etc...)

    Let your friends too benefit from reading this fabulous eBook on Goldfishes.

    I don't know if u guys know this link already but here it is:

    GOLDFISH EBOOK: petgoldfishsecrets.com


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    Daihonmei aquitori's Avatar
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    Welcome to the board Jenni...Damn I sound like Forrest Gump..Well anyways, do they have anything koi related on the link?

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    I went 2 the site it seems they are providing free ebook on goldfishes currently. But i received a mail saying that they are also offering free ebooks for koi,bettas,discuss,tetras etc. I don't know much info about this.


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