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Thread: ZNA So. Ca Sunday Oct 16th Meeting @ Andrews Koi Intl.

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    Thumbs up ZNA So. Ca Sunday Oct 16th Meeting @ Andrews Koi Intl.

    PRESIDENT: Don Kobashigawa Ph. (818) 567-2034 NEWSLETTER EDITOR: Alan Stein Ph. (818) 709-3581 Email:[email protected]
    Day: Sunday, October 16, 2005 Time: 10am-12pm
    Place: Andrews Koi International Program: Selecting young Showa
    1650 S. Brookhurst St. Anaheim, CA 92804
    Phone: (714) 778-8888, Phone: (714) 502-0088
    Fax: (714) 778-5588
    Last month we had a delightful visit with Taro Kodama at Japan Koi Online. More that 30 of our members traveled to
    Menifee to tour the JKO facility. I was very impressed by their strict quarantine and fish handling protocol. Taro has
    made it a priority to make sure his Koi are healthy before shipping to the customer. We visited just before the new
    two year old koi are harvested in Japan so his stock was a little sparse. However, Taro is about to travel to Japan to
    select the new koi so he will have lots to choose from. If you can’t visit him you can shop online at
    www.JapanKoiOnline.com. If you are heading towards Temecula to visit the Indian casinos, stop by. You will be
    glad that you did. Speaking of casinos, not only did my wife, Lesley, leave a winner, but my mother-in-law met Joe
    Jackson (Michael’s dad) at the Pachenga Resort and Casino.
    Wouldn’t it be great to be able to pick out a baby Showa and have it develop into a beautiful adult show fish? Well,
    this month we are going to teach you how! Just think of it, a $25 champion. Andy Moo of Andrew’s Koi
    International is hosting our next meeting where we will be discussing Showa development and what to look for in
    selecting young Showa. To make things more interesting, Andy will have lots of baby Showas available. After the
    discussion you can pick your future champion for only $25. Next year we will meet again at Andy’s where we will
    have a mini koi show with the Showas you buy at this meeting. Prizes will be awarded. Now’s the time to select your
    baby grand champion for our big show in March. This is going to be a lot of fun. Let’s show Andy how much we
    appreciate his support by having a great turn out. By the way, if you are looking for a two or three year old, Andy has
    an excellent selection of larger Koi.
    In our last newsletter I omitted the name of our original Koi Health Advisor Chris Bushman. Chris not only was our
    first KHA, he helped write the curriculum. Our club KHA’s are Chris Bushman (North Hollywood) (818) 763-3045,
    Carl Grooms (Santa Monica) (310) 397-5667, Alan Stein (Winnetka) (818) 709-3581. For information on
    becoming a KHA please contact Spike Cover.
    Put Sunday November 20th on your calendar for the CSULB Koi Round-up and auction. We need to thin out the Earl
    Burns Miller Japanese Garden Koi population to make room for ever bigger fish as well as some of the current year's
    crop of new babies. This is an exciting event even for non koi-hobbyists. The chance for garden visitors to assist in this
    effort by actually getting into the pond with the experts is irresistible. After lowering the water level by half, we deploy a
    large net across the pond near the island and slowly direct all the fish to the shallow end. As we approach the shallows,
    we begin lifting the fish we wish to keep over the net to grow for another year. Fish to be auctioned are placed in tubs
    and transported to the auction arena. All this is very colorful and exciting. In addition, Zen Nippon members will be
    bringing their surplus fish to action as well. Check out next month’s newsletter for details. Of course, we will have our
    Holiday party in December. I will announce the date and location later.
    Upcoming Events:
    October 16 Andrews Koi
    November 20 CSLB Koi Round-up
    December ? Holiday party
    Please mark them on your calendar
    Want to buy or sell Koi related items? List them for free in THE TRADING POST.
    Home with 12,000 gallon traditional koi pond for sale at 13551 Malena Drive in north Tustin, CA. 2000 square foot
    two story home on large 1/4 acre lot with swimming pool, spa, large garden, orchard and 2 greenhouses. Price
    $820,000. Contact realtor Jeannie Delph at 714-609-5326 or go to the MLS website to see more at
    One of Barbara Johnson’s (The Fish Lady) clients has the following for sale: - 2 Aqua UV 100 watt with wiper, white
    3" - 1 Aquadyne 8.8 C Bead filter, 28,000 Gls/pond - 2 Artesian 1/3 HP e-mail [email protected] for
    Directions to Andrew’s Koi International:
    From 10 freeway east, 605 freeway south then 5 freeway south. Exit Brookhrust st,
    pass Cerritos ave and keep to left, we at the left hand side, just after Cerritos ave.
    From 5 freeway south, exit Brookhurst st, pass Cerritos ave keep to the left.
    We at the left hand side, just after Cerritos ave.
    From 405 freeway north, exit Brookhurst st, turn right pass Katella ave,
    and we at the right hand side.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails ZNA So. Ca Sunday Oct 16th Meeting @ Andrews Koi Intl.-zenlogo.jpg  
    It is often said that land blessed with good natural water can produce good crops, rice, sake and beautiful women....and a few nice Koi.

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