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Thread: Koi Events for the New Year....

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    Daihonmei aquitori's Avatar
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    Koi Events for the New Year....

    Jan 28-29 The Greater Phoenix Show

    Mar 4-5 San Diego Show/Garden Show

    Mar 10-12 Annual Central Florida Koi Show (1st ZNA Show in Florida)
    email: Henry Culpepper [email protected] or Rod Lawton [email protected]

    Mar 18-19 32nd Annual ZNA Southern California Chapter Koi Show
    email: Don K. [email protected] or Chai T [email protected]

    Apr 1-2 1st Annual All Bay Area Koi Show

    Apr 22-23 Koi Health and Water Quality Seminar(Reno, Nevada)
    email: Mona [email protected] or Sharon [email protected]

    Apr 29-30 29th Annual Nishiki Koi Club Young Koi Show
    email: Louie H [email protected] or Sherrie C [email protected]
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    Sanctimonious Ass - BANNED
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    Thanks for the list, which included some additions I can use.

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