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Thread: UMKC First Koi Show Scheduled...

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    Oct 2006
    Vendor spaces are all filled, but we are taking names on our waiting list if anyone is still interested.

    The seminar schedule will be posted on Sunday. We have a local "real live" koi vet who will be giving a presentation, our judges will speak about filtration and koi varities, Bachmans (our host) will give a presentation on landscaping the pond, installation, etc., and a vendor has offered to discuss the components of a koi pond, how they work together and the importance of each element in the pond design.

    All is free to the public as well. So if you're interested in coming, please mark your calendar and join us!!

    2010 Upper Midwest Koi Club Show
    AKCA 4th Annual Open Show
    July 31st, Aug 1st & 2nd, Minneapolis, MN

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    Oct 2006
    Seminar schedule is now posted to our web site along with the show floor plan which also lists our vendors.

    A big thank you to our sponsors: Poly Tank and Bachman's Nursery.

    Banquet information and reservation form will be uploded within the next few days.


    Bachman's Nursery - For the Water Gardener
    Doctor Amy Kizer - Aquatic Vet - Koi and Goldfish health and Prevention
    Kevin Clark - Aquatic Pond Supplies - Pond Components, how they work
    Bryan Bateman - AKCA Judge - Filtration
    Jan Thompson - AKCA Candidate Judge - Koi Varieties


    Koi Acres
    Pond Squad
    Southwest Koi & Goldfish
    Aquatic Pond Supplies
    Avant Gardens of MN
    Aqua Eden
    Upscale Coatings
    Poly Tank
    (21 booths)

    Total Show tanks (6') = 30

    Raffle Items of course!!

    Lot's of great fish to see.....

    .....Weekend with koi folks - PRICELESS!!!

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