Zen Nippon Airinkai NorCal


Toshio Sakai

In Seminar

February 24th & 25th, 2007

General Information

Mr. Toshio Sakai of the Isawa Nishikigoi Center, one of the most notable and highly regarded Nishikigoi breeders in Japan, is coming to the San Francisco Bay Area in February 2007 to present a 2 day seminar on learning how to judge Koi, understand how to select Finished Koi and Future Koi, and Matsunosuke Blood Line. The first day of the seminar will feature a set of 4 separate lectures by Mr. Sakai followed by a banquet, and the second day of the seminar will feature a judging competition for the participants. The Grand Prize for the winner of the competition is a trip to Ojiya Japan in the fall of 2007 to participate in the Matsunosuke Ikeage (mud pond pull) and auction.

The Zen Nippon Airinkai NorCal club will hold this educational event at the Sheraton Hotel in Pleasanton, California. They are able to present the event through the generosity of Peters & Sons Koi & Pond Supply, the event Sponsor and Grand Prize provider. All proceeds from this event benefit the ZNA NorCal, a non-profit organization.

In 1974 Toshio Sakai and his brother, Toshiyuki Sakai of the Yamamatsu Koi Farm, bred the first Matsunosuke Sanke. From that point, the history of the Matsunosuke Blood Line began. After many years of development, Matsunosuke Koi became the All Japan Show Grand Champions in 1994, 1995, 1997, and 2002. Toshio Sakai went on to develop a Matsunosuke blood line for Showa that has become highly respected and shows great quality because of the stability of the Sumi (black color). His knowledge and expertise in the selection of Nishikigoi will be shared with the participants of the ZNA NorCal event.

Information and Applications can be obtained online at www.znanorcal.org and www.pskoi.com