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Thread: Dallas Koi Kichi 2007 Koi Show

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    Dallas Koi Kichi 2007 Koi Show

    Dallas Koi Kichi 2007 Koi Show
    We are set for the first weekend in June in Colleyville, TX site next to the Pond Store and Antiques Mall location. We are again preparing to present one of the premier gatherings of Koi Hobbyists, ponders, gardeners and related Vendors from around the United States and locally. Our show’s primary objective is to make this event a valuable educational and social experience with two days of almost non-stop activities. Here’s how the activities line up so far:
    Friday. . .June 1st.
    Show tanks will be set up and ready to start receiving Koi by 1:00pm. Costs of the tanks are $ 50. for a 6 foot tank and $75. for an 8 foot tank. Reservations must be made by May 15th. We are anticipating a higher fish count total than even that of last year! Tank set ups and water quality will be under the supervision and control of Jennifer Walker and David Jones of the Dallas Koi Kichi Group. The registration and benching will continue until 7:00pm. (Late arrivals can be accommodated as always, if needed). All benching and handling of Koi will be done through out the show by the “World Famous (at least the Koi world) Texas Koi Wranglers” of the San Antonio club.
    At 7:00pm or there about . . .we continue the activities with a “Meet & Greet” (food and beverages provided by the Dallas club) event at the Hampton Inn & Suites hotel (official hotel of the show – see DKK website for rates and details) for Judges, Volunteers and Vendors. Last year’s gathering of 50 -60 people turned into an absolutely fun evening with stories and recollections that caused the Las Vegas rule to be invoked! We had to invoke the rule again the next evening at the Awards dinner as well!
    Saturday . . .June 2nd
    The show opens at 10:00am.
    Judging starts at 10:30 am.
    The Vendors, Blood drive and other activities will be in place from Friday set up and ready for the public. All Vendors will be under the Big Top with the Koi. The 100 foot tent will be sectioned off for Koi tanks, Vendors and Club info areas. We have made of couple of changes to the layout and traffic flow based on feedback from last year. The larger tent will be positioned so that there is more room around the sides for the public to view the fish while the judging is under way. The larger tent will enable us to have the Vendors, club booth and other clubs in the center of all activities and public traffic flow. We have added an additional award this year . . .The Public’s Choice Award. This award will done by balloting by the general public (non-hobbyists) attending the show.
    We will have volunteers - Koi Guides designated by color or badges – to assist the public in how to fill out their ballots. We can do this by tank number and fish number. Ballots would then be deposited in boxes provided at the Petco Vendor booth. The People’s Choice Award will be presented at the awards banquet Saturday evening.
    Saturday @ 7:30PM.Awards Banquet catered at the Hotel. This year we will have the awards dinner and presentation at the Hampton Inn & Suites. The dinner and cash bar will be catered by Abuelos Mexican Food Embassy. Cost for the dinner will again be $26.50 per
    Sunday . . .June 3rd.
    Sunday morning we have scheduled two hours of educational time. Starting at 10:00 am, the Judges will give “tank-side” critiques of the individual Koi award winners starting with Grand Champion and working through the top award winners. They will take questions about the fish and explain why and how they made decisions on the merits of the Koi. Other Koi can be reviewed at the request of the owners as time permits.
    Following the tank side critiques, we have a presentation by Vickie Vaughan of the University of Georgia. She will introduce the University’s Aquatics program and the two seminars they offer each year: Koi Health Management and Koi Breeding and Reproduction. She will also outline the diagnostic services at UGA and how to submit samples and wind up the presentation with a KHV update.
    So . . .COME JOIN US! Enter your Koi, come to the Meet & Greet, experience the Awards Banquet and attend the learning experiences!
    P.S. We are pleased once again to have Keirin Koi and Razorback Koi as our Koi (wet) Vendors. You can purchase fish on Friday and early Saturday (prior to 9:00 AM) from the selection they bring with them and enter them in the show and are eligible to win one or both of the special Dealer Awards.

    For more details visit our website Dkk Web or contact Tom Walker at [email protected]

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    Dallas Show

    I Will be there with Jenipher or emilie or whatever her name is. Mac

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