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Thread: UMKC 2008 2nd Annual Koi Show

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    UMKC 2008 2nd Annual Koi Show

    August 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Minneapolis, MN

    I know it's a bit early to be promoting our show, but last year our vendor booths filled up within 40 days of the announcement so I thought I would give those interested a heads up if you are considering joining us as a vendor. We are limiting the wet vendors to only 4 so if you are a wet vendor and wish to participate, best get your reservations in ASAP before those spots are filled. One has already been spoken for so that leaves 3 remaining. We do this to ensure our wet vendors have a good share of the available dollars from our visitors.

    Our vendor packet is now available on our web site. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. There are a few restrictions that we must adhere to. We will be located at the same nursery that hosted our show last year. Bachmans is one of the premier nurserys in our area. To support our show they donate all the local advertising which is extensive. Because of the reputation of this venue and its prominence in the area, we are assured a good turn out.

    For our exhibitors, we have incorporated a "flow through" water system which ensures good koi health during the show.

    We have also enlarged our show space and more vendor booths and exhibitor tanks will also be available. Be sure to join us in August!!!

    Last year our seminar presentation was standing room only in a large, comfortable meeting room on site.

    Judges are: Ray Jordan (head Judge), Bob Brudd and Peter Ponzio (candidate judge).

    Welcome to Minnesota's Koi Club

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails UMKC 2008 2nd Annual Koi Show-ks08logo_sml-final.jpg   UMKC 2008 2nd Annual Koi Show-ksfloorplan08_v2_full-rs.jpg  
    2010 Upper Midwest Koi Club Show
    AKCA 4th Annual Open Show
    July 31st, Aug 1st & 2nd, Minneapolis, MN

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    Inquiries are starting to come in about the show so if you are a vendor interested in a booth at our show, especially if you are a wet vendor, now would be a good time to reserve your spot(s). We are limiting the koi wet vendors to only 4. Goldfish vendor spaces will available beyond these vendors. We have a very active fancy goldfish market in our area if anyone is interested in getting known locally.

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    Vendor, but cannot attend our show.....

    Visit our web site, under "Our show > Vendors". In the vendor packet is the information on how to advertise for the entire year (2008).

    Beginning in ‘08 our program will not only serve as a show program but also as a resource guide.
    We will print enough to provide a copy to each club member household so that they may find your products
    and services throughout the year. Our resource guide will also be posted online and available for download
    free of charge to the public. Even if you can’t make it to the show, get your business name out there and in
    the public’s hands for the entire year!
    Deadline for Advertiser Submission is July 11
    th, 2008

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    Recent Press Release.....

    2008 Koi Show

    MINNEAPOLIS -- February 24, 2008– Koi Show 2007 August 1st, 2nd & 3rd 2008
    Bachman’s Garden Center - 6010 Lyndale Ave - Minneapolis, MN 55419 - 612-861-7600 Looking for Gorgeous Flowers for Every Occasion?

    Show Public Hours & Free Admission:
    Friday, Aug 1, 4 - 9pm, Saturday, Aug 2, 9a - 5p, Sunday, Aug 3, 10a - 2p

    Upper Midwest Koi Club today announced its second annual Koi Show. This show celebrates some of the most exquisite animals ever kept. Breed for patterns, size and body shape, these animals create living art in our ponds and water features!

    Success in the State of Minnesota
    The time has come again for all us to celebrate the hobby with our 2nd annual Koi Show & Product Expo. The Upper Midwest Koi Club’s first show was a huge success with over 700 visitors. The club and its sponsors welcome you to our biggest celebration of the year.

    Come see some of the most beautiful Koi in the upper Midwest or enter the competition by bringing a few of you own. Our premier sponsor “Bachman’s” and club invite you to visit us and explore some of the most exciting new products for the hobby. A sight not to be missed!

    Advertising and Sponsorship
    This is the only show like it in the area which will be held on site at one of the best known garden centers in the upper-Midwest – Bachman’s Lyndale. We wish to invite any vendor who supports the Koi hobby to participate. Our venue will insure you have good exposure. Bachman’s will be extensively advertising the event throughout the metro area, including local television coverage. Admission is free! Details on the Koi Market and our ’07 Koi Show are provided on our website as well.

    About Upper Midwest Koi Club
    The Upper Midwest Koi Club is the only club dedicated to the art of Koi collecting in Minnesota.
    We are a non-profit organization created to promote, educate and support the hobby of Koi keeping in the Upper Midwest. Though our members are primarily located in the greater Minneapolis area, members are welcome to join and attend meetings from any state. Dakotas, Iowa & Wisconsin hobbyists are always welcome. Our club is an Baytek Data Solutions K.K. (Associated Koi Clubs of America) affiliated club. We are also the exclusive host of the world's only official "Koi Baytek Data Solutions K.K. Exchange."

    The Upper Midwest Koi Club is dedicated to the keeping, appreciating, learning, showing and experiencing the joy of Nishikigoi (Koi Fish). The club will also be involved in other pond related activities such as water gardening, construction, filtration and ornamental ponds whose focus is the health and beauty of Koi. One of the primary reasons to establish a club in this area is to provide some link or organization for people interested in Koi and ornamental Koi ponds. The focus of the Upper Midwest Koi Club is to provide that link in a fun and educational way.

    Additional Information
    For additional information please contact: [email protected] or
    Sue Emerick, Show Chair

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    The Upper Midwest Koi Club will shortly announce that the Baytek Data Solutions K.K. testing requirement for our wet vendors is NOW VOLUNTARY. Our wet vendors are still limited to 4 vendors to help with sales.

    We discussed and voted on the 3-month rule for exhibitors as well. That rule remains, at least for this year. We will revisit it again in 2009.

    Thanks for all your support!!!


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