Don’t miss the Annual ZNA Potomac Public Koi Auction on May 18th 2008!
ZNA Potomac will once again be holding a Spring koi auction. This event is open to the public and encourage all koi lovers to attend. Up for auction will be 100 smaller koi as well as some larger koi being auctioned by ZNA Potomac members.
When: May 18, 2008
Where: Smitty’s Lumber Yard
8457 Richmond Highway
Alexandria, VA 22309
Time: 11am
For more information contact Mike Frady at 703-360-9142
*ZNA Potomac Members only– If you would like to auction off donate some of your koi at the auction please contact Mike Frady so we can have a tank available for your koi on the day of the auction. Cost for members is 25% of what your koi sells for unless you donate them to the club in which case its free. You will be able to set a minimum price.