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Thread: My fry

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    My fry

    I have been meaning to post my fry...but they were just too ugly...I think now they are looking cute.
    What are this two babies?
    Both are gin rin
    one is doitsu...
    but what are they?
    I thing From 11 fry I had I got lots of varieties...if U can put them under any variety that is.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails My  fry-004-640x505-.jpg   My  fry-021-640x548-.jpg   My  fry-011-640x526-.jpg   My  fry-071-640x611-.jpg   My  fry-dsc04249-640x505-.jpg  

    My  fry-024-640x534-.jpg   My  fry-053-640x539-.jpg  

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