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Thread: Minh La

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    Tosai minhla's Avatar
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    Minh La

    Hello, to whom it may concern. My two fishes weren't on the final list and I wonder is this the offical final Koi Bito Grow Out challenge list?

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    minhla omosako growout page

    this was the thread you should have been using to post the June and final pictures of your fish. When you start a new thread to post final pictures, no one knows without digging back through all the old threads if you submitted your pictures before the specified deadlines or not. For the final, you would have needed to post your final pictures by 3/1/09 and also sent high resolution pictures to Jim no later than 3/1/09. As long as did everything by the required dates, you should still be in the contest. The list that Jim posted is not the final list.

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