Koi sizes should be in inches.
Pond sizes in feet and US gallons

Koi Info
Koi 1(#163) size when recieved: 7"Blacku13's Zbras Grow-out Data.-omo163.jpg
Koi 2(#142) size when recieved: 6.25"Blacku13's Zbras Grow-out Data.-142.jpg

Koi 1 size between 6/1/08 and 7/1/08:
Koi 2 size between 6/1/08 and 7/1/08:

Koi 1 size between 2/1/09 and 3/1/09:
Koi 2 size between 2/1/09 and 3/1/09:

Pond temp when received: 51 F. Degrees
Pond temp at 6 month photo:
Pond temp at final photo:

Pond Info
Gallons:500 Gallons
Stocking rate:9 small koi

Filtration:3 Barrels
Liner Type:N/A
Turnover rate:N/A
Dimensions: N/A
Water changes per week: 2 times
Amount of water changed %: 20-30 %

Food Info
Brand and Type fed:Ogata special wheatgerm

Owner Info
Years in hobby: Can't count.
Years buying show koi: none
State: Southern CA

Fun Stuff
Koi 1 sex guess when received: Female
Koi 2 sex guess when received: Male

Koi 1 name: Z
Koi 2 name: -Bras