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Thread: Gallagher's Omosako Shiro Challenge "Luck O de Irish" Page

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    Tosai D-man's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    Holland, Zwolle region
    this is a very interesting topic..omosako are unpredictable...

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    Sansai Gallagher's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Minneapolis, Minnesota. USA
    This has been an interesting journey for most notably, my 129th pick overall Koi #151, in the original choice list catalogue. I picked this to see how a heavier weighted sumi fish would develop compared to my #85th pick overall, Koi #71 (originally) which had the majority of Sumi under the skin.
    I must admit that I expected #129 to go all black and # 85 to develop some. This did not happen. #85 had some sumi fluctuations during the year but overall has remained a shiromuji.
    First picture #85. Feb 15th, at: 6.5, placed into 300 gal Q tank.

    2nd picture #85, May 7th , the first to go outside in the big pond 14000 gal. At this point I was hopefull that the Sumi would emerge.

    3rd picture #85, June 21st, After 45 days outside the Sumi had all but disappeared.

    4th picture #85, October 30th, pulled from the main pond and placed in 2500 winter tank in my basement. This tank was kept at 55 degrees throughout the winter.

    5th picture #85, Feb 28th, 12 in size for a total gain of 5.5

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    Sansai Gallagher's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Minneapolis, Minnesota. USA
    Now #129
    First picture Feb15th 2008. My first thought was what a runt at 4&3/4th inches.

    2nd picture #129, May 17th Transferred to the big pond outside. At this point I though I had an interesting fish to watch develop outside. While the Sumi was heavy it wasnt unpleasant.

    3rd Picture # 129. June 21st After 35 days outside (5wks) this fish is going Muji! Im starting to question whether or not my pond is having some effect on the Sumi of these Shiros. PH 8.5, KH120, GH 130.

    4th picture #129 over the course of the next 4 months the Sumi came back on this fish but not the other one.

    5th picture #129 Feb 28, Final growth 10 for an increase of 6.25 I think this fish turned out promising and look forward to another year of growth.

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