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Thread: "Ameteur" Omosako Shiro evaluations

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    Meg is offline
    Oyagoi Meg's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Florida Panhandle
    for future I think 136 might have some potential....and #2

    for today # 113 or 146

    and #47 might have to join 171 in the mangroves

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    Jumbo azngopher's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    Tokyo, Japan
    #47 is heading to a new home. so much promise with the underlying sumi but there is absolutely nothing left, not even a speck. it does have amazing shiroji but that is about it. the conformation is not so good...

    definitely a bust!


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    Meg is offline
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    Dec 2006
    Florida Panhandle
    sorry she didn't turn out for you, Duc....
    and a new home is much kinder than a mango tree!

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    Daihonmei PapaBear's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    Davenport, Oklahoma
    Well, here's my prognostications, such as they are

    1. Biggest Nice Surprise of the contest. Which entrant turned out a lot better than you thought it would?
    This one had several prospects, but in the end it came down to #33. I didn't see it coming this far along this soon.

    2. Most Disappointing Surprise of the contest. Which entrant did you have high hopes for that didn't pan out?
    #47. I don't know what happened to the body or the sumi. The skin looks beyond beautiful in terms of luster and it could turn out wonderfully in 4 or 5 years, but to go this white in 1 year was disappointing. The picture angle makes it tough to tell if it really is poor conformation or just heavily egged up, but since we're judging pictures it just doesn't look good right now. I'd like to see it in person. If she really is just eggy there is a part of me that would be tempted to keep her around a few years just to see what might happen.

    3. Your personal Top 5 "Today" list.
    In no particular order my best list (more than 5) is 81, 65, 127, 145, 156, 133, 116, 113, 124.

    4. Your personal top 5 "Tategoi" list.
    Once again in no particular order and more than 5 is 136, 65, 54, 93, 144, 79, 124, 116, 145, 127, 10.

    5. Which ones do you think have the best show prospects this year?
    113, 124, 133, 127, 110.

    6. Which ones do you think have the best show prospects 2 or 3 years down the road?
    116, 156, 145, 127, 33, 51, 65, 81, 136, 10.

    7. Which one do you think belongs under Luke's Mango tree?

    My opinions are worth almost the price of a cup of coffee and I'm anxious to see what the real experts have to say
    Larry Iles

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    Tategoi powerman's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    anacortes washington
    well it looks like number 171 is sweeping the mango tree candidates list....i am so proud........and no problem, i think its an ugly little bugger, too.....and his name is beni spot......i may donate him to a good cause...we'll see...i would have to ship him to luke because mango trees don't grow up here....

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