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Thread: A khv outbreak appears miniscule right now....

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    Dec 2003

    A khv outbreak appears miniscule right now....

    I do not ride horse. i have dogs. if my koi died today I'd go , "Aw damn" and move on. If my dogs died I'd have to run a knife across my chest Like the fellah did in the Movie, "A Man Called Horse".
    I know I have astrong affection for my dogs but if I had horses It'd be even stronger for them. Horses do so much more for a man. I have told frineds with horses that i recognise the power of the social contract between them and their horse...
    I'd puke my guts out and kill someone if this happened to me. and No i ain't going overboard one bit...someone better hide.
    Horses Die Before Polo Match

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    Sansai cindy's Avatar
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    Jul 2005
    I heard this am, vet injected possible bad steroid.

    The video is horrible, foaming from the eyes and mouth.

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    Nisai merseykoi's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    thats really awful....

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