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Thread: Dropsy woes

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    Dropsy woes

    I awoke yesterday to find one of my small koi with some of the dreaded signs. His eyes are bulging and is losing scales. However, body size is still normal, no "pineconing". He is still swimming strong but a lot less active. There are no "blister"-like bulges on the body either. Its is only 5" big and was my most recent addition. Its a beautiful koi and I would hate to lose it. I can take pics if necessary. There are two other koi in the pond which are very healthy and looking great. Lets hope it stays this way.

    Im reading a lot about maracyn, baytrin, and others. But for such a small koi, is QT and injections necessary or is there an alternative to treat?

    My setup is VERY basic. Small pump, small filter for 700 gallons. Water tests show slight amonia levels and a little hard. Could this be the cause? I really appreciate any help!!


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    No matter what size, all new fish should be QT'd before adding to the pond.

    This sounds like an internal bacterial infection. Please post your water parameters and a pic of the fish.

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