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Thread: Flow meters

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    Flow meters

    Hi All, Has anyone used this kind of flow meter to monitor the water to your UV? I am in the process of re-doing my plumbing and thought this would be nice if it really works. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Lori
    $70 free shipping.

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    I use something very similar on both my main return and my sidestream going to my UV. I like to turn the velocity down on the UV by using a ball valve so I can get a nice long exposure to the light.

    $70 seems a little steep in price, you might want to shop around a bit.

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    The manufacturer can tell you the proper pressure drop across the UV fixture. Then a manometer can be used to determine the proper setting of a valve bypassing the fixture.

    When the valve is adjusted to provide the pressure it will stay that way unless you change the flow somewhere else, so you can remove the manometer.

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