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Thread: Boost your Koi growth rate from 18% to 50%!

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    Daihonmei PapaBear's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carmen Stafford View Post
    Problem is, I would have to listen to it, too. Unless I could persuade the fish to wear headphones.
    Mine enjoy the sound of a backhoe running

    I'm betting that any ambient noise they respond to would have the same effect, so tune in your favorite music station and watch 'em. If they come to it you'll know they like it If they dive for the furthest, deepest corner away from the source that means they think you suck

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    Oyagoi mrbradleybradley's Avatar
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    Come on guys, enough sarcasim. Koi are smarter than you think. They were listening to the violin music in a small pond, so decided to grow faster in order to be moved into a bigger pond - to get away from it.

    The next article will be about 'rock' music and it's effects on water quality and as a consequence the group Sound Garden will be will be changing their name to Water Garden

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    Thumbs up I Agree!!!

    Moving up.
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    The Orlando Koi club included the linked article in its recent newsletter. I thought I had read it before, and searched to find discussion on the board. It triggered some thoughts, so I am bumping this thread back up.

    The study found that 'growth' increased with the soothing music of violins being played. Growth was measured by weight, not length. So, I am not sure what the study tells us. The study's authors observed that when the music was played, the fish hovered below the speaker and were inactive. When music was not playing, the fish swam actively in all directions... typical koi swimming behavior. Since feeding was the same, perhaps the gain in weight was simply due to inactivity?

    A few years ago there was discussion about noise levels in ponds. All the pumps, aeration devices, etc. emit quite a bit of noise/vibration in the water. This is very different from the environment of the mud pond. Could part of the success of the mud pond be the quietude of the environment? Obviously, koi adjust. I am sure the greenhouse growth ponds of Narita and Momotaro have considerable background noise, and the koi maintained in them certainly grow well as proved in the show ring. The background noise of a pond is the 'normal' for a koi. We have all observed flight response when there is a sudden noise. I have observed flight response in new koi when pumps are shut down during weekly maintenance. The older residents do not react very much. They have learned it happens with regularity and is not a threat.

    There is something to be learned in all of this, but I am not sure what. ...Something different to think about on a Sunday morning.

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    Does this mean they can hear the music over the motors and aeration? LOLs. Anything other than the owner/feeder coming from above the water surface is a danger. Mama nature didn't raise no fools. Well, maybe kooky authors? This actually sounds like a study done on Pigs. They do stress due to social dynamics and conditions. Music along with self feeding bins, better lighting and comfortable conditions made for fatter pigs! I could have told them that as I am a reformed couch potato!

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    Pinch of Salt

    Although articles like this are fun and might be worth following up, they shouldn't be taken too seriously.
    An aquarium with 33L of water may not be a good model of our massive koi ponds. An experimental group of 3 fishes weighing between 5g and 8g each (yes grams not kilograms) is very very small.
    Finally their references are from those august scientifical journals
    1 New India Express
    2 Science Today
    3 The Hindu

    So fun but not something that will be making me change my practices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
    Since feeding was the same, perhaps the gain in weight was simply due to inactivity?
    I was wondering the exact same thing. It does not seem very natural for koi to be inactive.

    A few years ago there was an article that stated that koi absorb more protein at night than during the day and thus they grow more. I have half applied this as some omy feedings happen during night but whether it is working i have no idea.

    Imagine what a combination of music and night feedings will do. :P

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    Orlando, Florida
    One of our local club members sent me an article about a series of experiments concerning the ability of koi to differentiate between different types of music: A. Chase, Music Discriminations By Carp (Cyprinus carpio), 2001 Animal Learning & Behavior, 29(4), 336-353. The experiments were for the purpose of exploring the auditory discernment of koi rather than testing a specific thesis. So, the article is long on data and short on conclusions, but nonetheless interesting.

    Using a variety of classical and blues music recordings, the researcher determined that koi could discern the difference between different types of music, single-timbre synthesized versions, and melodies without timbre cues. That is, koi were better able to learn distinctions than some mammals tested, such as rats. Of interest to me was the fact that the test subjects varied in their differentiation 'skills' in different tests. That is, individual koi had different levels of 'music intelligence'. But, there were just 3 koi involved in the lengthy series of tests, so generalization is inherently faulty.

    Still, it indicates the sensitivity of koi to sound goes well beyond reacting to loud or sudden noises. Carp possess Weberian ossicles, small bony structures that connect the swim bladder to the inner ear where hair cells are oriented to receive sound vibrations. Fish with this anatomical attribute have higher auditory sensitivity than other fish. So, if you talk to your koi, it just might be that they hear you.

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    have not ever scuba dived? You can hear a boat engine 1/4 mile away! But unless you're underwater talking to your koi, I'm not sure how they will 'hear' you? What they hear and 'feel' ( a better image of koi hearing) is vibration IN their environment. aeration and vibration from motors are its world. Just turn off the motors and aeration and what your koi drop into a caution mode of swimming and movement. Watch them then school. Koi will tell you a lot of what they are thinking if you just use obervation skills.

    What is fun to read is the interpretations found in articles about koi from those that have a tendency to see koi are a creature with human qualities and human emotions. JR

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