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Thread: In need of desperate help --my kois are dying! :(

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    But Eugene, you fail to follow Lukean Logic.
    According to Lukean MeOlogy if anyone experiences Koi deaths that in any way deviate from HIS pond (which is now to be accepted for norm reference purposes as THE standard by which all KHV outbreaks are to be measured) then in must NOT be KHV. The gospel according to Luke dictates that Sean must NOT test further but seek out his own personal "mango" explanation. So far Luke has advanced the "Mango Roof Runoff" theory, the "Mango Chlorine Toxicity" theory, the "Mango Plant Fertilizer" theory, the "Mango Electrocution" theory, and the "Mango Other Unidentified Yard Runoff" theory. Then of course there is the all encompassing "Mango Anything BUT KHV" theory.
    The fact that all fish, both new and old, were exposed to every possible variable in the same pond at the same time but only the new survived is somehow PROOF that the new fish could not possibly be the cause...according to Luke
    Larry Iles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eugeneg View Post
    I missed that if all died within a day or so then it is viral and I would susspect the living fish. So if a new fish is brought in and dies would be the best low cost check. I n fact I would introduce a test fish buit not from original source

    yep, but their behavior was such that it was a chemical poisoning and not a reaction to a virus
    they were cranked up while they were dying...an infection would have had them going out with a whimper

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