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Thread: KHV deaths.... seller in denial

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    The man from the NE who was so much help, actually is the one who gave me Dr. Goodwin's contact information. He is also the one who told me I needed to test.... before the entire shipment died. I believe watercolors as well as I have learned some valuable lessons.
    I'm not sure who I will restock myself from but I will definitely ask before I purchase

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    Even bitter experience can be a good teacher. Sorry you had to go through this. - JR

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasPR View Post
    Good! Thought you might be under the ether, my mistake--- carry on--- JR
    LOL...I'm not ALWAYS causing trouble as Mr Contrary. Only on special occasions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishy Mama View Post
    We all agree that the retailer is being a jerk. But the fish he sold didn't just come up with khv out of the blue. He is buying from a grower that is selling to many more retailers, who are selling to many more customers/hobbyists. There needs to be a way to track the virus back to the original source and defeat it there. I don't have a solution, I'm just sayin................ Perhaps there could be a natl club liason that helped affected retailers with the growers?
    I believe you have a brain!
    I can appreciate that.
    I'll vote for you!

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    I believe that watercolors and enchanted are in the beginning of their second season of doing business. They are home based and very small, it is not unusual for google to not have references to them. Instead of critisising (sp) lets hope this unfortunate incident doesn't kill their dreams of a koi buisness.

    Until the last few comments, I was unaware that koi business people were not allowed to show their koi, or to serve in koi clubs in any kind of official capacity. I have seen many threads commenting the koi clubs were under funded and officers needed help. Who do you think funds many of the activities at other sort of animal related clubs? It is the businesses that sell to the hobbyists. Many of these business people serve as officers and on the board of directors. Business people are excellent at assigning resources to their best advantage and assessing the talents of people and assigning them jobs accordingly. Business people have many contacts and much experience that can help clubs. They should be viewed as a welcomed partner to specialty clubs not given the 'evil eye' as always the enemy.

    A koi keeper always has too many koi, yet never has enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schildkoi View Post
    Watercolors, please provide the link back to that original post since you are apparently quoting me and since I am having a hard time remembering ever posting anything of the sort I would appreciate refre3shing my memory and putting it into full context.
    Steve, this was included in your post #115, Page 13, I think. You pasted all of page #1 when performing Google search for Royal-koi-Maryland.

    VERY interesting article about KHV in Royal gardens in England and what action was taken by GB Government agency. I don't know what Andrews Koi International has to do with it, possibly posted on the forum or published article on NowPublic.com | The News is NowPublic

    LI class=g>Herpes virus ravages koi | NowPublic News Coverage

    60 of the fish died at one of Britain's most prestigious royal gardens. ..... Crofton, Maryland, United States. prettypetalstudio ...
    www.nowpublic.com/environment/herpes-virus-ravages-koi - Cached - Similar


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    Salem, Virginia


    Hi, I'm Becki and am the owner of Watercolors Koi Farm located in the county near Salem, VA. This is a home-based business and I am licensed through Roanoke County, Virginia. You will not find a phone number as it is still listed under my private name; nor will you locate the business in any directory unless it is the newest Roanoke County business directory. I probably am not listed yet as the business license was procurred August 2008. Had a good year selling larger koi through local pet shops last summer and wanted to be "legal." Finally was getting organized - had business cards and other items needed for conducting a business, but was "cashing out" - no loans. Do to insurance liability, I wanted to be open to the public only by appointment. Never know when someone may bring a child around the ponds and leave unattended! You can see I'm still a "mid-shifter" in my sleep habits (close to 4am now) even though I've been off on disability for several years from a work-related accident. Koi-keeping was my hobby and even my doctor suggested that it would be good theraputic exercise for mind and body......something to occupy my time that I had loved and enjoyed for nearly 20 years.

    Enchanted and I were doing this for our love and appreciation of koi, not for the $$! If you think we may be attempting to condemn a competitor, that is absolutely false. Because of our appreciation of koi, we only wanted to protect others from having to go through the horrible experience of KHV. The guy is off Ebay and that was my goal. I'm too nice, I guess, but I don't want to ruin him - I realize that these are hard times. Nor am I placing blame for the loss of my personal stock....that had to be my fault. Just discovered that all bleach is not the same - the good smelling bleach is for laundry use and is not to be used for sanitization! Believe me, I've already gone through 12-15 gallons and still have 5 more large ponds to clean.

    If you're ever in Salem, VA send me a message via private mail and I would love for you to visit. Of course, there are no koi here yet and we are temporarily closed (probably for the rest of 2009) as we have a VERY LARGE renovation to accomplish. I'm pulling all liners and starting with a clean slate to incorporate a Zen garden with ponds appropriately incorporated and hard plumbed. Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have 20 years of equipment and decor to clean and store away from the proposed water/Zen garden area. I have to tear apart 2 ponds so I can even get our T-rex into the area to load up all the rocks and blocks as I'm not going to have them dozed under. I've gathered rocks out of rivers and creeks for 20 years and am not about to do that again!

    Enchanted and I have been successful in accomplishing our initial goal. If this guy wants to sue - COME ON! I'm not afraid as I've only stated hard facts and no judge would rule in his favor with my evidence. I have a law enforcement background and am knowledgeable in recording all activities, emails and phone conversations. We have two highly respected outside sources who would be willing to testify and photos/documentation proving beyond any doubt the last surviving koi were included in the shipment received from the wholesaler. These tests are so accurate that it can be determined as to when the koi became infected. Again, Enchanted has the medical background so she can use the appropriate terminology.

    In my opinion, there is no need for future input regarding this matter. We've drained the subject, yet KHV still needs to be discussed in detail and and we should all work toward encouraging some agency to appropriate funding for further research.

    Watercolors Koi Farm
    ~Enhancing the Art of the Pond

    Note: This is not promoting my business as it is presently "on Hold, under construction, with no koi on premises."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Watercolors View Post
    In my opinion, there is no need for future input regarding this matter. We've drained the subject, yet KHV still needs to be discussed in detail and and we should all work toward encouraging some agency to appropriate funding for further research.
    After reading through all of the posts in this thread I think I agree. Closed.
    My personal koi page Updated 7/8/07
    ZNA Potomac Koi Club

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