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Thread: plumbing question

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    Jul 2009

    plumbing question

    i finished digging my pond last week and this weekend i'm planning on installing my liner, skimmer, and waterfall this weekend. i have a question about the plumbing: where are the check valve and quick release valve connected in regards to the skimmer box and waterfall?

    i know that the check valve will be so that waterfall will not completely drain back to the skimmer box in the event of the pump failing. where does the quick release valve fit in this equation?

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    most importantly you forgot the bottom drain!

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    Jul 2009
    yes, i know! i wanted to do a bottom drain but i want to save that for when i can do it properly. i'm a poor college student and this is only going to be a 2000 gallon pond.

    however, my parents are going to be building quite a large pond (12'x24'x8') pond this spring which will become home to the koi. at that point, this pond will become a fancy gold fish/water garden pond so i didn't feel the need for a bottom drain.

    is the quick release valve closer to the water fall box or skimmer box?

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    you don't have to buy a bottom drain...you can DIY a really good but, inexpensive one......even with a water garden BD's make the pond soo much healthier and easier to take care of....they will eliminate the need to completly empty the pond every year and clean the foul smelling crud from the bottom of the pond every spring and your fish will be alot healthier

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    Bottom drains are one of THE most important part of any pond, goldfish, lily or koi. They keep the bottom clean and make it easy to empty the pond, too. It's also the only thing you can't put in later without tearing the entire pond apart unless you use a retro-fitted BD.

    You can make one for about $50 using a 6x6x4" "T" pvc fitting, a piece of sheet pvc and a couple of fittings. MCA, Michael Anderson, drew up the plans for this and they work very well. They are very easy to build.

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