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Thread: uv light ???

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    May 2009

    uv light ???

    i am building my 1000 gallon pond and i am wondering what light i should use i have a 1000 gallon already with a tetra pond 18 watt it sits in partial sun all day long just different spots . my new pond is going to be full sun. so my ? is can i buy the 9 watt and put it on my old pond and then put the 18 watt on the new one or should i just buy another 18 watt.

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    If the one has worked for you, why change?

    BTW, have you thought of going bigger with the new pond?

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    In most cases, a 25 Watt UV should be sufficient for a 1,000 gallon pond. A 9 Watt may be a bit too small, especially during the peak of summer. As Mike already mentioned, however, you may wish to consider making your pond a bit larger, however, especially if you intend to keep more than a few Koi...

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    i thought about it and asked my landlord to let me build it and i will pay for everything and leave everything when i move but he is a hard head so. i decided to build one of wood it is going to 7x7x3 but average depth of 2 1/2 but that is going to be a inch off my garage and leave me 2 1/2 feet betwwen ponds. i plan on building a 10x10x3 or 4 at my grandmas soon after this one i wish i could have a huge pond but socal limits your space.

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