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Thread: Aaah!! Help Bumps on Koi

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    Aaah!! Help Bumps on Koi

    Hi there i made this topic cause i need of help....see my koi fish(s) have these these bumps and im wondering is it a disease and what kind...i have pics to please help thanks

    Yes is pretty hard to see sorry

    this one is better to see

    This one is really hard to see...sorry

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    Oyagoi HEADACHE6's Avatar
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    First Welcome to a Great Board. This is a place you can learn a ton.

    My first question would be , whats up with the foam around your fish? My quess and only a guess is your water is the issue that has started your problem. You may have a parasite problem.

    I'll let some others help from here.

    Good Luck

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    sorry your having troubles

    first off more info is need
    have you tested the water? can you give the readings? this will tell a lot, please do not depend on the little paper strip test. get a kit with drops
    gallons in the pond
    filtration and matainance
    how many koi (or goldies, they count) and what size? all the foam does indicate a water issue.

    with these answers you should get some more input to the problem.

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    Jimmy, the bumps on your different koi do not seem to be related. They are very different in appearance. The first thing to consider is parasites that have the fish flashing- do your fish rub themselves against rocks or the pond bottom/ drain covers? Doitsu fish swell up very easily when they are flashing and bruise themselves. If so, you need to test the water for ammonia or nitrite and also have the fish checked for parasites from your local AKCA's club Koi Health advisor.
    These bumps on one of these fish looks like a skin tumor ( on the tail tube) and on another like a potential anchor worm or ulcer beginnng. Very hard to say for sure based on those photos. - JR

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    The one on the tail tube looks cauliflower-like. Lymphocistis possibly? The photo isn't close up enough for me to really tell...

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