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Thread: Selling Koi Out of Show Tank

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    Quote Originally Posted by sundan View Post
    I thought you could not show fish if you sell them? I remember way back at a Naples show gc winner was taken away from him cause somebody complain that he sold fish also.
    it is my understanding that different clubs have different rules to deal with this issue.

    but brutus,,, does signing the "pet pledge" mean that you are also agreeing to not sell the fish which you show? ie, they are not part of your stock? or just that you wont sell it at the time you are showing it? pet for a weekend?

    but back to the original question...personally I think it would be fairly tacky to put up a for sale sign any time on a show tank

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    Quote Originally Posted by sundan View Post
    I thought you could not show fish if you sell them? I remember way back at a Naples show gc winner was taken away from him cause somebody complain that he sold fish also.
    Every show has its own rules, in writing, hopefully read and understood by all entrants before the show At most shows someone like Bob, who does sell a few fish for fun and/or profit would never be allowed to enter as his "hobby business" would fall under the heading of a wet vendor/professional. The one show he does participate in has rules in place to allow him and anyone else in a similar situatinon to show Koi that are not related to his "hobby business", which is fine. Those rules apply to all entrants and no doubt everyone there knows him and his sideline ebay shtick.

    We all have to rely on the honor system anyway. I have no doubt that anyone who really wanted to could fire up a "ghost business" on the sly with a silent partner front man as the public "face" of the venture. Just how many people are really going to go to all that trouble for the sake of a $6 trophy and some bragging rights
    Larry Iles

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    I'm with Bob Winkler & MikeM on this. I'm you're asked prior to the show or even at the show it will be OK as long as you don't solicit to sell the koi to the general public.

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    I agree it is up to each show to decide these types of issues. I would not want to see a "For Sale" sign on a entrant's tank. If there is a scheduled auction during the show I would hope the koi would be sold via that venue.

    Knowing how expensive and difficult it is to put together a sucessful show it seems to me that the entrant would be taking advantage of the show's efforts to attact a crowd to sell a koi. If it happened rarely and was a unique or spur of the moment sale done discretely then not a big deal. It would be a good Public Relations move to donate a portion of the sale price back to the club.

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    i thought I took it too far at the CFKS 09. I was approached by a lad who seemed to innocently asked while pointing at a beni kumonryu I had, "You wouldn't take $500 for that fish would you?"
    to which I replied, "No. I'd take three hundred."
    HAfter the fact I learned his momma wanted that fish. And she got it.
    I can appreciate Beni kumonryu..in someone else's pond.
    i have developed a taste for only scaled koi.

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    What I would like to see is an understanding that if you really want a fish, after the whole show is over, and people are breaking down everything and bagging, that you are permitted and it is not considered rude to make an offer on a fish you really want. I don;t think it is privy to go up to every person and ask....unprofessional. But if there is somethign you adore, and you get the feeling the person would not be offended (most likely they will be flattered I would think), then I would like to see it be considered okay.

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    I was thinking about this subject some weeks back when at the Indy show a couple of us decided to donate two fish to the auction. Rather than move the fish to a common tank and thus mix the fish together, we moved to the show tank and proceeded to auction the fish. Unfortunately the crowd had tapered off and a Best in Size 3 sanke went for around $100. So, I thought next year we'd do a silent auction on any fish donated for auction. But I understand where everyone is coming from- I feel uncomfortable selling a fish under a show tent. Maybe the silent auction is not a good idea either.

    Mike Pfeffer
    Mike Pfeffer
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    June 19 - 20, 2010
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    I agree with Ray, if you bring a koi to a show for sale then you should have bought a vendors tank and may set under shade and sell one or more koi and felt better that you supported the local club & show.

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