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Thread: I feel terrible

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    Oct 2006
    It's getting light out, I just checked on the survivors. They are cruising around as if nothing happened. Even came flying over to get fed (they're not gonna get any today) Checked the pool water, no ammonia, As I used a small amount of city water with chloromine and ST it could have been the cause. I did notice that the mosquito fish that ended up in the pool are all doing swimmingly this morning. I'll put them back in the pond when I clean up my yard. Onward and upward.

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    Oct 2006
    Spoke too soon, the largest and first fish I bought has left the building. Going to be burying them as soon as I muster up the energy. Even if the last four die, I'll be back. This is the first time I've killed koi. Up until yesterday jumping and prop-chop were the cause of all my losses. Onward and upward

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    Jun 2009
    South Louisiana
    ... I'm so, so, sorry to hear of your losses.


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