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Thread: The birth of a mud pond - I hope it holds water!

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    Oyagoi kingkong's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by CarolinaGirl View Post
    Sandy, the pressure tank is what tells the well pump to turn off and on. If you tee off before the pressure tank and hook up the sequence pump, you should be able to pump right out of the well and bypass the sub. pump. But that's assuming the submersible pump will allow water to pass through it if it's not turned on. I think those pumps pretty well fill up the space down there and I don't think you will get much water flowing past it. You are going to have to get water flowing through it instead. If I were you, I'd call your well guy and ask him if it will work. You don't want to hook up the sequence after the pressure tank...it will suck it dry faster than it can recover.
    If the well casing is sized properly you could have a submersible pump and a feed suction line for a surface pump. The only thing would be the gph availability of the well itself. Sandy soils hinder water flow. Two pumps sucking at the same time could suck the well dry and that would suck but that would depend on site conditions and gph of your sucking pumps. You don't suck out of pressure tanks, pumps suck water out of the well to fill the pt. On a bladder pt, the cut off and on switch is on the pump. On a trapped air pt the air volume control is on the pt with a switch on the pump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kntry View Post
    Here's the finished product as far as depth and shape. I'm going to get the expert guy to come back and do the finishing work. DS will haul the clay while the guy forms the pond. (praying smilie here)
    Best of luck. Pond is a little too small and shallow to sustain itself without filtration . You will need an air pump which will cause turbulance and sides will quickly erode sand will move to bottom
    My mud pond was over 20ft deep and mostly hard clay but over 18 years the sides have eroded and it is now 12ft deep. I am going to get an excavator this winter and dig out to get rid of the sludge.

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    Oyagoi kingkong's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    Good point, if sides are too steep they will cave. Also they use windmill driven air pumps more now. Projects, projects ...all to convert fish food into smelly waste.

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