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Thread: out of shape koi

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    out of shape koi

    Over the years I have noticed big fat large body configured koi don't do a lot of sprinting in a pond. As a matter of fact, they kind of listlessly mill around with hardly any change of speed, stuck in idle. Is this due to pond shape-space, too much stored carbohydrates and fat? My koi swim around like their in a track meet. Hard to bulk up such swimming addicts. Are some of these koi we hold in high regard with jumbo bodies only showing off their fat?

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    Yeah i think they're fat. Course they could just be old. Most animals (and people) put on weight when they get older. Maybe their just overfed?

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    There is a big difference to me the appearace of an overweight koi and one that displays power and grace. Kind of like Larry the Cable Guy standing next to "The Rock". I don't seem to mind koi that have that chubby cheek thing going on, as long as the body is solid, muscular and sound.

    Fat koi don't excite me, it shows that their keeper has been negligent in providing the right nutriton, current and depth for their charges. I have a difficult time keeping enough weight on my koi too so I'll never have jumbo's but mine won't die of fatty liver disease.


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    There is a big difference between a big bodied koi and a fat koi. Fat koi will have distended bellies and or be pigeion breasted. This is more typically found in koi raised in shallow ponds with low to no distinguishable currents that have also been over fed. A big bodied female koi will have even lines and swim with grace and power. Kind of hard to describe without live examples.

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    you are addressing the issue of available quality and quantity of food and the fish's activity to procure such food.
    If a fish is getting more food than he can use, and isn't in any competition with pond mates to procure it before it is gone..or the best bits are gone then they will swim at their leisure...they don't get fat because they are swimming slow. They get fat cuz they have more food than they need for a healthy lifestyle... feed em alot less and better food and they will modify their behavior...skinny fish are hungry fish...
    the challenge of the Koi Competitor..to feed em all they need...almost.

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