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Thread: WK&WGS 18th Annual Koi Show

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    WK&WGS 18th Annual Koi Show

    Last of the Pacific Northwest Shows this season is upon us, Sept. 12-13, this will be Sharon's and my fourth show this sumeer. We will pack up a couple of koi on Friday morning for the trip over the mountains to beautiful Seattle, Greg and Judy, fellow NIKK members will co-pilot. Looking forward to Friday evening dinner at a crab house Greg had mentioned, said it was the best crab feed ever! This years koi show will be held at the Bellevue College Campus-part of a much large Aki Matsuri Event.

    A great big thank you to WK&WGS Koi Show Event organizers, a huge gratifiying effort by all to host this show!

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    Good Luck and have a blast at the show. Look forward to hearing about the show and the results. Take lots of pictures.

    I'll be on the other coast at the ZNA Potomac. September is a very busy koi show month.

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    Kennewick, WA
    I have always missed that show, Dan, because it's the same weekend as our pond tour--and I want to go! I'm too involved this year with the tour, but next year I will make sure I can be free that day so Gunar and I can go. Youi guys have fun! And win the big prize!

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    Looking forward to seeing you and Sharon again Dan. I'll be there all day helping with the benching on Friday. And if it's anything like the Portland show... you'll be in contention for sure!!


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