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Thread: Nishikigoi Novelle

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    Hello all,

    Part 4 of the interview with Shigeru Mano from the Dainichi Koi Farm is now published on www.KoiQuest.com! Check out this link (http://www.koiquest.com/index.php/2010/10/deel-4-van-het-interview-met-shigeru-mano-van-dainichi/) to watch the interview on video!

    Kind regards,

    Bram Rohaan
    Team KoiQuest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bremmert View Post
    It has been quite a while ago since I've posted something in here, but I think there is some interesting material to read and watch on our new website www.koiquest.com. Last Summer (unfortunately it is allready Autumn again...) I have spend 5 weeks working and studying at the Dainichi Koi Farm in Niigata. During that time I made a lot of photo and video-content which I published in the last couple of months.

    I also made an interview with Shigeru Mano, the youngest of the three Mano-brothers. It's in English, so you can enjoy it as well!

    Check out this link (Deel 1 van het interview met Shigeru Mano van Dainichi | KoiQuest) to watch part 1 of the interview!

    Have fun and hope to see you again at www.koiquest.com!

    Kind regards,

    Bram Rohaan
    Your new website? Of course you've been notified that koiquest is the name of Duncan Griffiths koi health site in UK and has been for years? You've registered on Facebook and Twitter as Koiquest and misled members to think we're joining Duncan's site?.

    As requested, please change your name to something other than an established site.

    Simply Koi and More Koi • View topic - Koiquest

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