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Thread: 15" showa kawakami

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    15" showa kawakami

    Ok I just want to know if this showa has any kind of future.....

    It is still in QT..

    I want some honest opinion's.... good or bad..
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 15" showa kawakami-155.jpg   15" showa kawakami-153.jpg   15" showa kawakami-151.jpg   15" showa kawakami-148.jpg  

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    I assume you are asking if it has a good potential for positive development, but even then I'm not sure what you would consider sufficient. Given the irregularities in the Beni, I would not be interested in this fish. I cannot tell from the photos why the Beni appears variable, so I have to assume it is a negative that will worsen. If viewed in person, it is possible a different conclusion would be reached. I suspect it is at its most saleable point in development right now.

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