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Thread: Prazi Treatment - Still effective at 60F?

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    Prazi Treatment - Still effective at 60F?

    Hello all,

    I have noticed some flashing, porpoising and head shaking today in my pond... water parameters are fine, so I'm afraid I may have some gill flukes.

    My main question is: is Praziquantel still as safe and gentle at 60F as it is at higher temperatures?

    My next question is: how effective is a three course treatment (Day 1, then again at Day 5, then again at Day 10) at these temperatures?

    I do have the ability to raise the temperature, but it is mid-November, so I don't want to bring them too far up... it will be very expensive to maintain these temps, and will take me that much longer to get them into Winter Fast.

    Thanks in advance to all for your guidance.


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    According to one of the leading distributors of Prazi in the U.S., it is effective at any temperature.

    Your proposed 3-dose schedule would be very effective, but IMO unnecessary. I have found a single dose at recommended rate to be sufficient if no water changes are performed for 7 days after application. If the one dose was not sufficient, I would apply a second treatment after performing weekly water change on the 7th day. Ever notice how flukes seem to show up mid-week and mess up maintenance schedules?

    BTW, somebody is going to jump in and say that you should not treat without first confirming your hunch by microscopic examination. Can't disagree with that. Prazi is so safe, and compatible with other treatments, however, that if your hunch is wrong, using it will not cause a problem. It may be a waste of money. ...but, flukes are so prevalent, your fish probably have some even if that is not the cause of the behaviors observed.

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