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Thread: Peter Waddington's ERIC - Endless River In Concrete

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paultergeist View Post
    Hi Andy,

    I'm sorry to veer so very far off-topic, but I have seen this term "anons" used now several times. I must confess I do not know what it means. Can you clue me in?

    Heh, well, i can only assume what i think it is... or one of the following

    (1) Anon. : Abbreviation of the word anonymous.
    (2) anon : Archaic english word meaning 'soon, presently'.
    (3) anon : Archaic english word meaning 'later, after a while,' contradicting

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasPR View Post
    Carry on---- JR
    Carry on? Why?

    450 posts with yet unanswered questions -- from page 1.

    First, this horse was skinned alive. Then it was beaten to death. Now we've got an endoscope up its butt looking for God knows what.

    Enough already.

    I say give it a decent burial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paultergeist View Post
    Hi Andy,

    I'm sorry to veer so very far off-topic, but I have seen this term "anons" used now several times. I must confess I do not know what it means. Can you clue me in?

    Quote Originally Posted by Andydon View Post
    Heh, well, i can only assume what i think it is... or one of the following

    (1) Anon. : Abbreviation of the word anonymous.
    (2) anon : Archaic english word meaning 'soon, presently'.
    (3) anon : Archaic english word meaning 'later, after a while,' contradicting
    The term anon, I believe, is used to describe a new member who has few if any posts, like 0 to 20, who posts strong opinions on a given subject. Often they have knowlege of the personalities involved in the thread. It may be assumed that they are long time members who wish to remain annonymus and not have their comments attached to their reputation. Also they be use multiple anons to make it seem they have the support of other members.

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    Filter Brush discussion.

    Standard ERIC filter units contain filter brushes as part of their make-up and this is all detailed on the main website. The mere mention of the words ‘filter brush’ on this thread has produced replies of shock, horror, disgust and a number of replies telling me just how ‘old-fashioned and dated’ the two words are. I have since been requested with each passing day to give ‘video evidence’ to support the statements and the animated illustrations that are there for all to see on the main website.

    Whilst all this can be done very easily, it would prove nothing at all because I give the worst-case scenario on my website involving high water temperatures, heavy feeding and more than ‘standard’ stocking rates in order to ‘estimate’ the waste produced via a single drain over a single 24 hour period. In the UK right now, whilst there are units running, they cannot even nearly duplicate the required temperature conditions.

    Not wishing to dismiss the matter at all, I believe the following information may be even more effective than any video can possibly be. I make no apologies for humour in these details because, I confess, I do find the questions raised by some to be extremely humorous.

    I am also very aware that even if my brushes held magical cleansing properties that dissolved detritus into instant smoke upon contact, which rose upwards and vanished into the atmosphere, some still would class them as ‘dated nonsense’.

    Bearing all this in mind, here goes.

    Firstly, as a reminder, my units contain brush boxes as opposed to the hanging filter brushes of old. The boxes retain these fifteen brushes very rigidly and in perfect position within the brush box structure. Furthermore, the box can be positioned so the brushes face incoming water flow either vertically or horizontally – the box can be turned from left to right, right to left or upside down if required. All of this is detailed on the website. Whilst there be many readers who have used filter brushes before, I would suggest that none of the readers on this thread has any experience in using the brushes in this way before.

    (Please excuse the pause here, I have visions of some readers frantically turning up picture files on their computers trying to find that shot they took of a filter they saw once showing a few brushes tied together with string.)

    More to the point, the boxes are just about bombproof as they can get because they are designed for regular handling with the minimum of effort. The old, lengthy and messy experiences of attempting to rinse individual brushes by garden hose no longer exists – a quick blast of a well-directed pressure hose is more than required - even in the worst possible situations. I would like you all to consider this.

    This illustration shows the ERIC unit supplied as standard and complete with the brush box as detailed above. However, the discharge operation, described and animated on the website in great detail, has produced disbelief from several readers of this thread. In view of this, and to prevent further protestations on my part, to those raising doubts of this method let’s just forget this at the moment.

    The term BBBe denotes it’s aimed at the BRUSH BOX BELIEVERS – not so many on this thread.

    The next one is pictured below. If you look, the brush box has been removed and has been replaced with two 38mm thick flat sheet barriers of 30% higher density ERICMAT and the incoming water from the bottom drain is hit with aeration the moment it enters the box.

    (I’ll pause again here and wait for the howls of laughter to subside)

    Now, if we all bear in mind the simple fact that all lavatories require flushing and we flatly refuse to be associated with any mention of the words filter brush then I suggest you do take a second or two to consider this.

    Whilst I have often mentioned it is not wise to use filter mat sheets as a mechanical barrier, the reasons are that in previous times they were placed in upward-flow boxes where the actual tracking is witnessed by the dark stain after only a few days of normal running. This changes significantly when applied to horizontal-flow boxes. These sheets simply slot into place and are held tightly – it takes seconds to slot them in and they make a perfect fit as the sheet is very firm. Furthermore, like the brush box they can be reversed in every direction in seconds and the two can be interchanged. The sheets take the entire flow of water full face on which means the entire surface of the sheet/s traps the debris. Yes, it is painfully simple but NOTHING AT ALL will pass through into the next stage and the second sheet barrier will hardly be used. Five seconds per day to switch these around and it takes a long time before any blockage caused by flow restrictions occurs.

    More efficient in trapping than brushes? – Doubtless.
    More efficient in trapping than any other mechanical stage? – Probably.

    But then, there’s the problem of releasing what has been trapped. Of course a couple of spare sheets and a pressure washer could come to the rescue here because the barriers will last almost indefinitely but, for me, I’ll stick with my brush box.

    By the way, the term BBBa denotes that this is aimed at the BRUSH BOX BASHERS.

    Now here follows the last illustration.

    This is ERIC naked. The illustration depicts the unit after the system pump has been switched off and the internal boxes have all been removed to leave not one drop of water remaining. The entire operation time to get to this stage is less than two minutes and the pond level drop is barely discernible. It takes less than two more minutes for the system to be running as normal once more.

    Time taken in total is less than four minutes from switch off to switch on AND it can be done just as often as you wish. Perhaps it does deserve some thought and perhaps it may reduce the overall importance of filter brushes?

    (Pause again for more howls of laughter)

    Finally, I do hope the penny has dropped with some readers.


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    Great - some answers, well sort of !


    I apologise however I really don't feel I could post anything further which would assist you in anyway. You don't seem to understand what stagnant means, and therefore continue to use the term aerated stagnant water. With your current failure to understand this term I feel you assessment of filtration systems could be inaccurate and would urge you to research stagnation further. I would also recommend looking into the term "dissolved" which may also help in your understanding. I hope the great explanations from Grant and Andy (the ocean engineer) enlighten you on some points. In your extensive studying of Peters website you may note he actually uses the phrase "almost stagnant", which I imagine is a phrase he chose very carefully and purposefully. You see if I almost went to Japan tomorrow then I would still be 6000 miles away, i.e. as far away as I was before I almost went, which is a long long way. Almost is a great word.


    On the subject of your filtration I thank you for explaining the reasons for your choice.

    On the subject of Pete being treated so unfairly as you claim, I feel you are a little clouded in your assessment.

    As you may have seen, yesterday he made some erroneous assumptions of me which I corrected, this was really for the benefit of other readers, as Peter knows the truth very well. He was courteous enough to apologise publicly for this, which I acknowledged. However he then posted a further time insinuating once again that I am an employee of one of my suppliers, and further suggesting that I require the approval of the owner of the same company before I post.

    Pretty unreasonable, and unwarranted I feel.

    In a subsequent post Peter described me as a "cad". I assume he does not mean I am a drawing made on a computer, and is therefore stating I am without honour or principle.

    Pretty unreasonable, and unwarranted I feel.


    anons is short for anonymous people. It is not unknown to happen on threads such as these for people who have previously never been heard of to join and start posting, generally in support of someone else. Sometimes these people are not even who they would have you believe they are, and are an anonymous friend of the poster they support, occasionally even the same person who has two usernames. Such posters sometimes do not even post their own words or thoughts, but instead present what they have been asked to by another. This can often be identified simply by the choice of words, phrases or styles used. It is even the case that sometimes people will allow others to log in with their username and password, and pretend to be that person whilst they post their own message. Forum owners and moderators see this happen often when they look at the admin information and see who logs in from which ip address etc, its pretty simple. Its a sad but not uncommon practise in this virtual world


    Please refrain from making any statements which imply I am something which you know I am not. Please ?

    Please also refrain from making unfounded accusations about my character. Please ?

    I'm looking forward to the history lesson. As you know I only became a proponent of the system you refer to after installing and trialling the unit myself to my satisfaction. This was after many years of representatives from your previous company of which you were MD, continually signing its virtues to me between I think 2002 and 2007.

    And while you're revealing you involvement prior to its launch for the world to see, why not also reveal your involvement in the product for the period after it was launched, say up until late 2008, that should cover it all.

    Actually why not put that bit on the ERIC site, its relevant after all.

    Anyway, on to the topic.

    Brushes v Sieve

    Thanks for all the info on brushes for us. So basically as I understand you have discovered nothing new. You acknowledge that a pressure washer (not just garden hose, but pressure washer) is required to clean them. The 10 second woosh wont do it.

    You are using three rows of brushes in your example. What are the second and third rows doing ? I presume they wont be mechanically filtering as you state the brushes don't need to be separated and cleaned individually, but only as a block. So there will be nothing on the forward faces of these brushes then, the faces that I wouldn't be able to clean with my pressure washer unless I separated them. What are these rows for then.

    So as far as I can assess, there is absolutely nothing new or different. The brushes will still trap the waste, like they have always been good at doing. The brushes will still be difficult to clean, like they always have, and like you stated in both your books. Especially if the pond has blanket weed, and this gets into the brushes and actually starts to grow upon them, deep in and around the centre, as happens in real life. I've got a picture if you like ?

    Lets summarise so far,


    • Can be cleaned in around the same time as you quote for your brushes.
    • Hose can be used to speed things up / improve cleaning
    • Nothing to be removed
    • No need to turn off system
    • No water loss required, no top up required.
    • Traps the waste out of the water, (its like permanently flushing the toilet without having to use the water. And you recommend "flushing the toilet" often, as do I.)


    • Box can be emptied in same time as sieve can be cleaned.
    • Requires pressure washer (allegedly no removal or seperation of brushes, unverified)
    • System must be stopped
    • Water removed, top up required
    • Trap waste in the water column (any trapped blanket weed has been allowed to start growing and attaching into the brushes. Bacteria has been allowed to feed on trapped organic matter creating, amongst other things, additional ammonia for your next stage to process. This ammonia will result in nitrate, and the levels in the pond will be higher than they need be. Also cause for increased DOC's etc)

    Static v Fluidised Media

    I think I also now get your point on the media. Its not the fact that static media is better, you just cant work out how to use fluidised media in your box. You created the flow, the usp (unique selling point) you knew you had to have, and then had to make the media work within that. In doing so you had to compromise on static media rather than the better performing fluidised media.

    But using fluidised media in the box is not as hard as you think.

    So I hope you don't mind, in the spirit of helping make this unit nearer to meeting its claims as the best, I'm thinking launching an upgrade kit. I'm going to call it

    THE ERNIE - Endless River Now Improved Extensively

    Basically it will include adding a sieve (any brand) in front, and the installation of fluidised media, therefore giving it improved mechanical filtration, and improved biological filtration, but of course maintaining the all important horizontal flow ?

    The fluidised media will be called BERNIE's. BEADS for ENDLESS RIVERS NOW IMPROVED EXTENSIVELY.

    I was thinking my press release could be "ERNIE gives ERIC the brush off"

    Can I buy the boxes without brushes or matting ?

    P.S. Please don't fret if I don't post tomorrow am. It's not because anyone's office is closed, I'm off to jump my horse at a competition. However if I don't post tomorrow pm, please consider fretting, that will be because I fell off when jumping.

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    IS THIS THREAD STILL GOING? Give it up people no one is going to change any ones mind. Lets talk about something constuctive

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    Since I've been participating on this sick thread, I have been accused of seducing an old friend, teacher of physics, in order to obtain information concerning water flow patterns.( This information was gleaned on many different sites, after which PW's information proved to the most pertinent and exhaustive available.)

    I have learned that while I was at work today, a post appeared in which I was further accused of selling my favours! This post was subsequently erased, but the fact that anyone could dare emit such a thing has disgusted me so that I have no further wish to post on this thread.

    You are not personally in cause here, but I would indeed have appreciated someone saying how shocking he found this. I can understand how PW must feel after the slants and insults he has sustained here, with so few to defend the right that all here have to emit opinions without being publicly slandered.

    Thusly, any answer I may have wished to sustain concerning your last post
    will remain unanswered, as all this leaves me with an incoercible desire to throw up!!

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    Well I think thats enough of this thread. Next time you guys feel like fighting make sure its in person and you film it so we can watch it on youtube.

    ZNA Potomac Koi Club

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