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Thread: sensitive skin

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    sensitive skin

    i just recently bought a shusui asagi to replace my sanke that died. being that it has almost no scales what care do i need to take so i dont damage the skin by handling it....when i had my sanke i would net it once or twice a month to check its overall health and coloring. its a 1.5 inch baby

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    Use a large net to round the fish up, but don't lift it out of the water. Once it's swimming in the net, use either a soft sock net that holds water or a blue tub, then lift the tub out of the water. This way, the fish is always in the water. When it gets larger, use the large net to guide the fish into a bag and lift the bag and fish out of the water.

    Also, I think I'd quit the practice of netting the fish once or twice a month just to look it over. Chasing and capturing a fish is very stressful on most fish. The fish has to use valuable body resources to deal with the stress, lowering it's overall immunity. It's better to get the fish used to hand feeding and watch it closely when it is near to you in the water.

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