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Thread: Written "Standards for koi" for RobbF

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    Written "Standards for koi" for RobbF

    Quote Originally Posted by RobF View Post
    As a newbie I often hear “standards” referred to, perhaps they come from ZNA and so are written in Japanese and aren’t readily assessable. I have read Kokugyo I & II a time or two and Nishikigoi Mondo and I think most of the other classics. Yet I have never seen a list of the “standards”. Certainly none of these books say longfins are not nishikigoi. Are there actual written standards or is the rule set past by word of mouth?
    Robber how bout starting another thread...the short answer is...the Standard keeps changing as breeders breed a new higher standard and teach the judges to recognize it... but every judge thinks they are able to interpret and value the new standard the way they feel it should be. If the hobby had a written standard it would be met by the breeders in ad nauseum and the judges would then have to decide a winner based on??????????????????
    the Judges are allowed to play the role of "King." if they weren't given that status do you think anyone would judge more than one show?

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    "Standards" exist through a continual learning process, and not as a checklist. It is very Japanese, a 'living' body of knowledge and understanding that adapts, adopts and discards as the art of koi progresses. It is not a westernized arithmetic formula or checklist.

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