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Thread: The Ballou Filter from 1989!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh waddy?

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    The Ballou Filter from 1989!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh waddy?

    now please keep it civil...I am only posting this to get Waddy to come and explain how his "New" Waddster Filtration Unit is actually new....
    I have been quite bored lately and so have been rereading ...I found this diagram in the AKCA handbook on Pond building done by Burt ballou about 10 years ago. (Burt did put a settlement tank at the beginning as we had suggested, but you know what..Wadyy is probably correct. if you daily empty the chamber and wash the brushes the stuff that would have been caught in the settlement tank would have just as easily caught by the brushes.)
    I could not help but think what Waddy must have thought of it as the nexxus/eazy was all the rage, and this filtration was to....easy and simplistic.

    and then I just picked an old USAKoi mag to entertain me on the toilet..it is amazing how much the two have in common....
    And near the end of it there was this ERIC unit for sale....read the text if you can...there is no real difference...and this was in 1989
    even as to the arangement horizontally of the "mattridges" and the ease of cleaning the brushes
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The Ballou Filter from 1989!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh waddy?-img_0031.jpg   The Ballou Filter from 1989!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh waddy?-img_0029.jpg   The Ballou Filter from 1989!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh waddy?-img_0030.jpg  

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    SSSsssssshhhhh--- ignore that man behind the curtain!

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    Orlando, Florida
    I do see some similarity.

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    Actually to be fair, that was Waddy's original filter design redone by a fella from our club * MAKC, back in the 1980s. He went onto manufacture this filter and other products like a steel walled frame for a drop in liner. A couple of the old timers still have that same filter in service today.

    As I said and had to keep saying over the hype last month, this design is a fiberglass version of the Concrete Chamber design that was common in the UK in the early 1980s. And Waddy ( along with Channing, Seals and a few others) get credit for bring this idea of filtration back from Japan. By the way, the Jmat is called the 'J' Mat ( short for Japanese mat) because it was the Japanese who applied the material from construction and airconditioning and later adapted the bankrupt company into one that made this material for aquaculture. It's a small world -- JR

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    Where is my turtle dove, Suzette?

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    Howdy True Koi Kichi and OK, y’all not so true Kichi as well – here goes.

    The story thus far of ERIC and men (and women).

    ERIC must be really good. Why?

    The usual office boy who says ‘I’m Out’ for the thousandth time came back yet again as expected after the silly little brush boy came up with a USA copy of a catalogue ad of mine in 1986.

    Your fairest moderator seems to have no problems in letting the little boys start it all off again so do I take it the thread’s open again?

    OK, I will.

    I launched my ERIC website on 20/11/09 and six days later………..(pure co-incidence)…..
    This esteemed Koi board invited me to answer questions regarding my filter system; perhaps someone had read ericpondfilters.com.

    I agreed, knowing full well that NO KOI FORUM EVER INVITES A MANUFACTURER TO DO THIS!

    This original thread has nothing remotely to do with filter systems and it’s also got nothing to do with Koi – let’s get that one straight for starters. Check back and you’ll see most of the posts are direct pot shots (including name-calling, demeaning accusations and innuendos, just short of calling for a war crime tribunal!) at me PERSONALLY instead of sticking to the script because the posters have accepted they cannot dispute my statements with any reasonable words of intelligence.

    Well, sorry boys. It backfired on you.

    The sole idea of it all was to publicly crucify Waddy and what he states, convinced you could sweep him under the carpet and it would all go away.

    You’ve tried and you’ve failed and you will continue to fail but someone has mentioned to me the hits that this thread has produced on your forum. If the figures quoted are correct then it’s significant!

    Hear this folks because I’m saying now what GENUINE modesty usually prevents me from doing so. Why? – Because, as the ad says - ‘YOU’RE WORTH IT’ – especially after what some of you have posted.

    Take ALL the combined ‘experience’ in Koi pond filtration from ALL those posting on this thread and give it a total. I guarantee I have forgotten much more than that sum total long ago with my hands-on experience in design, production and actual installation of specialist Koi ponds and filtration all over the world, seven days a week for the past 28 years.

    It is still an on-going thing right now for me.

    I don’t just talk about it, after getting opinions from others and reading books I bought years after they were printed – I DO IT.

    Furthermore, the vast majority of items used in Koi pond design and filtration used around the world today came directly from yours truly PETER WADDINGTON. Just check the records – it’s all detailed and carved in stone.

    Now, if you wish to remind me of designs I came up with in the 80’s and 90’s that’s fine too – just as long as you’re OK with buying a Ferrari made in the same era.

    Yes, along the road, I’ve also made more mistakes than the sum total of all of you – difference is, I’ve learned from ALL of them.

    There are three main parts to what’s termed as ‘Koi Keeping’ and it’s all on my main website, namely ‘POND’ – ‘KOI’ and ‘KEEPING’ in that order. If you’re going to make a profession out of this as opposed to a hobby, you’d better be sure you know as much about ALL THREE that’s possible to know – you also need to know how to avoid nonsense and claptrap because there’s more than enough of that in this hobby. I’m still learning but like any other hobby I know of - everyone is at different stages of the this hobby.

    By the way, I am not an expert, never have professed to be an expert and will never be an expert - I am just a person who decided to have Koi as his working life. Why? – Because I bloody well wanted to – that’s why, it was my choice!

    Do you know what? It’s been truly fantastic to be able to get up every morning for the past 28 years and think – ‘Great I’m going to work again’. There are only a few in this world who can say that!

    As a result of this, I’ve a hundred more books inside me just attempting to detail the wonderful and truly unique times that Koi have taken me to.

    My ERIC website that you’re all trying to pull to pieces is a website purely for my filter systems.

    It’s strange that over 40% of it doesn’t even mention filtration – instead it concentrates on bases, drains, flow patterns - showing the prime importance of all of these before you can even THINK about filter boxes.

    Furthermore it then goes to REPEATEDLY say, as politely as words allowed me to at the time, NOT to consider buying my boxes if you cannot meet gravity requirements or wish to have more than one drain going into one box. It tells the reader, as nicely as possible, to go away and make some more expensive cock-ups.

    Not exactly the best mode of sales attack for a ‘businessman’?

    Part of the site goes on to cover what I have termed ‘The Three Big Downers’ and one of the major reasons for producing these systems together with hard evidence as to why my systems will NOT allow huge volumes of water stagnation and thus, if you read between the lines, will address the item at the start of this particular paragraph.

    Then consider the number of filter manufacturers around the world who actually keep ONE QUALITY Koi in their own garden – don’t bother with a list, there are none.

    Then consider the number of filter manufacturers around the world who actually explain in detail, like I have, exactly HOW and WHY their boxes work instead of hitting us with pretty pictures and a few words that tell us how big they are. Check all these out two years down the line. Again, don’t bother with a list, there are none.

    No, you don’t want to consider any of this – it’s far too obvious, all you want to do is crucify Waddy.

    Now let’s move on to boxes and start off with a standard circular container.

    Is this a vortex?
    Is this a Nexus?
    Is this a trickle tower?
    No it’s not – it’s a standard circular container it has nothing to do with the other three.

    Now take the ERIC box as seen on the website.
    Is this a ‘raceway’ filter?
    Is this a ‘longthrow’ filter?
    No it’s not – it’s an ERIC box it has nothing to do with the other two.

    The one thing they ALL have in common is they hold water as do square boxes, rectangular boxes and any other shape you care to dream up and it don’t mean a monkey’s as to what material they are made from. However, because ERIC boxes are narrow, shallow and long, the ‘Wise Ones’ of the forum have decided to lump them along with other long units they have dreamed of long ago perhaps?

    From what I’ve read in your replies, the entire USA is awash with Koi pond systems using these same units – yet not one picture has been posted to date. Instead they are just referred to as ‘common knowledge’ and all the good little boys nod their heads in agreement – despite the fact they’ve never even seen one in their lives before now.

    If none of these are forthcoming I’ll assume what I’ve long-since assumed and known and that is – I designed the first ready-made horizontal-flow Koi pond filtration unit using tailored Japanese filter mat cartridges back in 1986.

    Tell you what! Just send me one picture of one of your members using a horizontal-flow filtration unit right now because, frankly, I don’t believe you!

    Please do not come up with ancient pictures of your Auntie Nellie’s stone land drain with water plants in the bottom that she used to filter her goldfish pond with back in ’63.

    Look on the website and check my opinions of the Bakki Shower system – it’s all there and states it’s the best performing unit against ALL the others including basic horizontal-flow boxes. Of course it needs to be operated exactly as specified by the man who designed it in order to produce the best possible results from the design.
    Alas, the majority of users have decided to substitute the magic of the system – namely the Bacteria House media itself - for something they are told will do ‘just as good’ and save the bucks. Yes, it does save the bucks but all that’s left is pure nonsense. I do have my own reservations on these units, which are also documented, but the Bakki Shower system with Bacteria House media makes upward-flow boxes look like a joke.

    But of course, this is all nonsense – you are a little surprised with my suggestion to use my particular brand of horizontal-flow and all the many reasons why I am advocating this right now in 2009 – but that’s not why you invited me here is it?

    A reminder – you invited me here to crucify me and you did. According to some, I’ve been a bankrupt; a con-man; a thief; a liar and heaven knows what else. (But I do hope your mum and dad are really proud of you now Sonny.)

    Sorry – I’m still good as new, better even, totally unscathed and VERY, VERY amused – I assure you, I am not alone here.

    Can’t finish without the classic red herring of the filter brushes – I got the answer a couple of nights ago when I saw the home-made ‘shower system’ designed and used by the very same person who desperately needs video footage of the brush box operation which he ain’t gonna get because I just can’t be bothered with the likes of him. Now there’s a masterpiece of talent awaiting tapping – all courtesy of a Walmart waste skip after dark and that’s AFTER it’s already been picked through earlier.

    Still no mention of the fact that ERIC can be brand new again in a flash with the minimum wastage of water any time you wish it to be – hitherto IMPOSSIBLE before now.

    Still not a single whisper of the incredible and unique filter media within.

    Still not a murmur of the ease of installation and the small amount of space/volume taken up.

    There are many other points I can bring up but why?

    That is not the reason why I was so ‘kindly invited’.

    Here’s some food for thought, how about all of you taking smug verbal pot-shots today returning to this thread a year or so down the line?

    Then remind yourself that Waddy said it was the finest Koi pond filtration system in the world back in 2008 because it is.

    Then remind yourselves exactly why you decided to have a nervous laugh and then publicly crucify him.

    Then look around and see how many upward-flow filter boxes the guys who keep the GOOD Koi are using!

    It might just be a good idea to READ my website instead of glancing over it in horror because
    just one little item stirred you to question it and then you became pi**ed off when you realised what I said was just pure, common sense.

    Pure, common sense

    Sorry Big Boys, TRUTH is bloody difficult to refute.

    All of this will be proven by VIDEO evidence in the New Year on my website.

    This will reduce you silly little part-timers to jelly.

    Koi Water and ERIC? Take it or leave it – either way your tategoi will not jump out and bite you on the nose!

    And whilst all this is going on, ERIC systems are being built all over the world.

    Lastly, my sincere thanks to those of you who have read between the lines, for in truth, because you already know that to keep Koi you must first love them, and that means ‘First make Koi Water’.

    Best regards and Season’s Greetings,


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    Her we go again!

    Looks like someone needs to puff up his chest and put down all us "part Timers" just to feed a ego and make some money.

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    Waddy i read your thread yes old design It's good. But New design bester please check on the test of all new design filter then you can smok no DIY, because diy
    improbe of the old design filter. Please please think reading the researth

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    I was so hoping for a video...
    not really he'd rather write the thousand words, "I am invincible, I am woman, hear me roar."

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    So its no different than it was 20years ago

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