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Thread: In a perfect koi world.

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    In a perfect koi world.

    All the types and kinds of food available in pond, lake, stream and river would be offered in an unending supply to koi in an experiment to determine if koi would show us what the best diet is.

    In a World History or was it a nutrition class? I learned a study was done several hundred years ago when experiments on people were tolerated. I forget the Indian Royal leader that decided to find out what was the perfect food, but what he did was to take infants and allow them to eat all the fruits and vegetables and animals that were eaten at the time. The amount offered was more than the children could eat....the children did not give him the answer he desired. They selected a balanced diet which is the first data that there is to the human body having the inherited ability to seek out the foods that are needed to maintain health....
    However once the error of not providing sugar was corrected the children quit eating a healthy diet and consumed more sugar than was healthy.

    I won't go so far as to state that the koi would be in the best of health....
    but there could be an amzing number of insightful facts revealed by such a study.

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    Dec 2003
    he also did a study to prove his language was the natural language and that all other languages were unnatural.
    he took a group of newborns and had them raised where they never heard a human voice....and this from practically birth...the babies were raised by deaf mutes....
    The study resulted in the children never learning to speak. They learned to communicate through signing.

    experiments were much more fun back then.

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