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Thread: what to do with this disease?

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    what to do with this disease?

    Hi all,

    I'm quite new to keeping koi and I'm sure this topic has been treated earlier, just wanna ask for your help.

    I have this koi with this disease: the scales are falling off. I just quarantined it and added rocksalt to the water. Is it possible this koi will survive and did I give it the right treatment?

    Thanks in advance for your help
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    Scales falling off could be caused by a few things. The picture isn't very clear. What are your water parameters?

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    Is this dead or have you anesthetized it?

    Your koi has a severe bacterial infection ( either aeromonas or pseudomonas) within it's skin layers. The base of the scales ( pockets that the scales are anchored in) is infected, swollen and dying/decaying.
    This is obvioulsy a serious thing. And although the salt is a mild antiseptic it is not invasive enough or ctrong enough to reverse this infection. In it's advanced stages this infection will be picked up in the blood and become an internal infection of the body, killing the fish in the process.
    In today's koi medicine we usually begin a round of antibiotic injections, while also treating the wound/infection site ( called an ulcer) topically.
    The fish is injected once a day for 3-5 days with a gram negative antibiotic ( injection can be in a large muscle mass or in some cases, right into the body cavity itself). Some Vets are familiar with injecting fish and others are not.
    AKCA has a program called the KOI HEALTH ADVISORS program. If you get in touch with one of their local members you might get more hands on help.
    For now you can at least treat the infection topically with a disinfectant like betadine ( available at the drug store) and a water proof or paste like antibiotic ( ask your vet ).
    Unfortunately these infections are common when we are least prepared to manage them. So use this as a wake up call for building a mdeicine chest for your koi when weekend emergencies tend to happen.
    Time is of the essense on this problem.

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