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Thread: Has anyone done cosmetic surgery to their koi?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarolinaGirl View Post
    I don't consider trimming damaged edges off pec fins as cosmetic surgery. This is done to keep the damage from progressing. I had to trim fins and tails on several of my long fins one year in the winter after I burned my fish with Superverm. The edges of the fins were badly damaged and had SAP growing on them. Trimming was done to prevent further damage and it worked. It took several years for the fins to grow back out normally. Trimming an oversized pec fin might be considered cosmetic though.

    exactly the discussion I am trying to get at. What is considered cosmetic, and enhancing to the fish, to the point where it is cheating, and what is not?

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    Quite frankly, where "show Koi" are concerned I don't think there is much chance of getting away with cosmetic surgery. Judges learn to spot "winter work" and it becomes an issue if it is visible. Cleaning up a mess like CG mentioned is a matter of health, not cosmetic. Scraping off a stray shimmie before a show is no different than clearing up a zit before going to the prom.

    I guess to my way of thinking (and it is just my opinion) if you alter the pattern of a Koi sufficiently that it is noticeable to a judge you have crossed over the line. "Clean up" and "Alteration" are not the same, but the line is blurry and will vary with the judgement of each individual hobbyist.

    I think the greatest potential for abuse is not in the show ring, but in the sales venue. There are those who would (and do) carve up "rare and unique" patterns to enhance the perceived value of a junk fish and then peddle it to the unwitting via the web. I think we've all seen trash fish marketed under the "rare and unique" moniker at insane prices. Sad for the customer and bad for the hobby.
    Larry Iles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethan25 View Post
    I had no intentions of showing it, besides showing it off to my friends around town and family. No doubt, there are other ways of adjusting patterns by removing shimis, a single gin scale, a single black scale, or removing a damaged scale. We trim pectoral fins that are frayed, hoping they come back clean.

    So, what is acceptable and what it not? Obviously, this fish had little chance for show purposes then, and I wouldn't bring it now, but what have you or would you do?

    wouldn't a GR scale regrow as GR?

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    Here is a Doc correcting a Tancho spot ...

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