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Thread: Judge this Shiro - To buy or not to buy

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    Judge this Shiro - To buy or not to buy

    I lost a Bekko two years ago during a very harsh winter. I miss the white and black in the pond and I'd like to pick up a Shiro sometime this year. Here is a 7" one that I've been looking at. The breeder is Yagenzi. Is there anything about this fish that would give you pause on purchasing it? For example, I'm reading in my koi book that the black can take over as the fish gets older if you purchase one with too much black.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Judge this Shiro - To buy or not to buy-bvdotq-mk-kgrhgookkqejllmvim2bkqmsfunow-_12.jpg   Judge this Shiro - To buy or not to buy-bvdouyq-2k-kgrhgookisejlll5pu2bkqmsktp-w-_12.jpg   Judge this Shiro - To buy or not to buy-bvdovhqbgk-kgrhgookjgejllmzyqpbkqmsmq7-w-_12.jpg  

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    looks fine..especially if you liked the bekko
    this one doesn't look to have the ichimatsu (shadow/checkboard pattern) that is desired in Utsuris
    And I don't think this one is going to have more than 30-40 percent sumi

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    If the price is reasonable it is a fairly good looking fish, at least as much as you can tell from the photo's. Price points do make a big difference, so I'd wait for other opinions before taking mine. While I absolutely love Yagenji's Kohaku I am not at all familiar with his Utsuri breeding. Hopefully someone else here can fill you in better.

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    A future show to be defined soon....
    For a 7" shiro, it is a good one.

    I am going with a "buy"


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    Daihonmei aquitori's Avatar
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    I would say buy it if it is cheap. When I mean cheap I would say $40-$50.....

    Yagenji - makes some very nice Shiros and the white on this Shiro is pretty nice. The sumi will come up so no worries.

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    Does it have motoguru on both pecs?

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    if you look close you can see the gray in the pec missing strong sumi like the other one. The fact that the gill cover has black on the "missing" side is a strong indicator it will make an appearance.

    It appears to be a little on the thin side but think it would be a good candidate to watch develop.

    another "buy" vote

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