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Thread: Orlando weather..IT HAS GOT TO BREAK SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Orlando weather..IT HAS GOT TO BREAK SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I been here long enough to have figured out the seasonal patterns...before koi i raised orchids with no greenhouse, and usually the second week of February is the start of the warm up...meaning the temps in that week will be rare until next November...
    But this year not only have we had the coldest longest spell of Winter anyone can remember, it is NOT warming up yet.
    I can not for the life of me see this continuing through past this coming week end.
    it will be interesting for us Floridians to "feel warm" when it is only in the mid 70's.
    what is the forecast for the show? (you know how to cut and paste...and I am sure you got your eyebrows up in question marks right now.....)

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    Waynesboro, PA
    Hang in there Luke, spring is coming. We are forcast to be around 57* on Monday here in south central PA but time will tell.

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    Orlando, Florida
    Well, Luke, which forecast do you want?

    I follow 3 sites. Each differs. None are bad, but some better than others. The high temps will either be in the mid-70s over the weekend of the show, or 80-81F. Choose what you like. One calls for some showers on Friday. One says showers on Sunday. But, not all-day rain. The one I like least calls for showers next Weds. when my schedule calls for me to tape out the vendor spaces. Wet paving stones don't work well with tape.

    At least all the forecasts sound like better weather than we've had the past several weeks!

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    Halifax NS
    hey ...they 80*'s would be better but I'll take the mid 70's even with a bit of rain....

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