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Thread: "Grow Out Event" objectives and rules.

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    Dec 2003

    "Grow Out Event" objectives and rules.

    Before each "Grow out" event (note I did not use the term "contest")>
    Shouldn't the objective be established, clearly stated, and then the rules be put in place to accomplish the objective?

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    Oyagoi Lam Nguyen's Avatar
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    Portland, Oregon
    Luke, I agree with you that the parameters/objectives of each grow out event need to be addressed prior to participation and fish selection. Obviously there are many things that can be judged: growth, finish, or future potential of a fish, etc.

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    We have a grow out on our local forum with some Kohakus from Sakai from hiroshima. I am just posting this here for the sake of intrest regarding how we do it.

    We have 3 categories in which the contestant get marks out of 10 per category. Te kois are also randomly selected, one for each contestant. The kois are measured prior to the assigning them to contestants and photos are taken. You can see the photos and the rules here...

    The categories are:
    1. Best growth based on a percentage growth rate. (The difference between the initial size and eventual size, based on the highest percentage of growth)

    2. Best development/improvement of quality over the period, growth rate excluded.

    3. Best Kohaku based on normal kohaku appreciation standards.

    The idea with the 3 categories is not penalise a person for getting a koi that is inferior to the others. So a person that gets a koi with a bad pattern can still do well in the other two categories.

    Just thought that i would share this.

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    as can be seen by the stats of the omosako grow out. the vast majority of people that bought koi were doing so just to get a good omosako shiro utsuri.
    let bring up a few of the rules that should be brought into play IF a show and grow contest has as its objective "to learn about this breeder's variety."
    if that is the objective, and the breeder is interested in what hobbyists will do to his koi then the rules should be developed to achieve that goal.
    First a way to make sure the "participants" are for real.
    A rule could be to allow those that actually have been posting on the forum for a year to buy the koi...
    Another rule that i like more is that the participants put up an additional 50 bucks or so and thta money is given out to people that continue to meet the "Update Schedule"...
    the fewer people that meet the time line, the more money for those that do. (this would stop the buyers that are just going to come into the contest just to get the "bargain.")
    The contest should last several years not one..not TWO...not much is learned in that short a time...especially what an esteemed group of hobbyists would like to learn..maturation of colors, body, length...

    So is anyone able to "man-up" and do a real grow-out contest?

    Now hw should a "winner" be determined?
    I've never seen an intelligent decision when it came to who "won."
    I am not saying someone might have done it, but I haven't witnessed it.
    The "winner" is not the person that has the best koi...the objective was to learn...the winner should be the one that taught the rest of us the most about how they raised their grow-out fish and why they did it, and what they feel they learned.
    people like MikeM have been "winners" for as long as I can remember.

    Now why would a grow-out contest run like this be better than the "fish sale" grow out contests that seem to continually pop up and then fade into oblivion immediately.
    If a breeder believed the hobbyists could pull of a "study" of his koi over several years he could be tempted to offer some very real tategoi; He would recognize thta he would learn from the study as well. And a well done study of his fish maintained for years would become a positive selling point for him.

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    Dec 2003
    How 'bout this way of getting a "Grow out" contest going....
    (Now this isn't the exact scenario)
    A breeder is selected...each hobbyist is given five 3-4 inch ogons from the same spawning when they buy a certain monetary amount of fish...
    from the second the ogons arrive the hobbyist is on the clock. The fish were "free"...well except for the fact that they come with the string attached that the now owner must use them to show the rest of us how they treat their fish and why.
    10 Hobbyist that were worth a damn could really learn alot from each other if they were willing to enter into a pact where they would be "The Ten", and only they could banter back and forth about the ogons and what they are doing to them and why....
    I would be glued to the Monitor if I could get
    Pappa bear
    and a few more locked in a real time discussion of their differences of opinions and techniques on growing koi.

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