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Thread: Koi Growth Food

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    Koi Growth Food

    What do you believe to be the best koi food for mainly just growth. not for color but just to grow quick early. i have been looking at EA show and Saki Hikari

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    Nisai Jimbo's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    Use EA Health or Show both work great.

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    Hikari Growth formula has comparatively moderate protein levels for a growth formula, which can assist in maintaining water quality in periods of non-optimal temperatures for digestion (whether a bit low, or high). I've grown to like Hi-Silk during optimal temperature periods, and mix the two. Compared to many pellets that have a visibly oily exterior, I have the impression that the oil content of these pellets is absorbed into the pellet to a greater degree, resulting in less oil floating off as soon as the pellet hits the water (and therefore more being consumed by the fish). ....It is just an impression I have. I have not attempted to measure it.

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    I used a mixture of OSI 168 and Blackwater gold last year with excellent results.

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